Polylog's Polit division provides integrated communication consulting for major political and business entities in transitional stages. Polylog's key strength in this area is creating and promoting solutions that affect the country's political and socioeconomic landscape at the federal, regional and municipal levels, and supporting projects involving sector and infrastructure reform.

During project implementation, Polylog works with:

  • Federal, regional and local government officials and lawmakers
  • Political leaders, parties and sociopolitical movements
  • Candidates for elected office at all levels
  • Big business entities
  • Industrial enterprises, whether publicly, privately or jointly owned

In cooperation with experts and consultants in the areas of finance, municipal administration, municipal utilities, strategic management, investment analysts and experts in tax, land, and election law, Polylog designs and implements strategies for optimal interaction between business and the authorities. The results of these efforts include public-private projects involving both the executive and legislative branches, changes in legislation, development of the political careers of business leaders, improvement of the structure of the executive and legislative branches, helping business and government join forces to resolve mutual issues, and delegating to business the task of representing a specific territory.

Polylog clients in this area include UES and its subsidiaries Kalugaenergo, Ryazan Heat and Power Station, Krasnoyarskenergo, Sangtudina Hydroelctric Power Station 1, Omskenergo; the Ministry of Economic Development; Uralsib; Gazprom Neft; the Standing Committee of the Union State of Russia and Belarus; the Association of Lawyers of Russia; the International Chamber of Commerce; EMAlliance; Saturn; and the Russian Ministry of Transportation's Federal Roads Agency.