Our projects include both those with the seed capital and without. These can be business events, city festivals and many others. Associations can make use of our services in order to accumulate capital for current and strategic activity. We undertake the whole fundraising cycle — from the preparatory works for sales to collecting feedback from the partners.
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Elizaveta Slezkina, Head of Business Development
Elizaveta Slezkina,
Head of Business Development

Fundraising — accumulation of funds
for events, charity, etc

We divide fundraising services by 3 categories depending on the type of the project and the needed capital volume.

  • Fundraising for business and mass events — complex monetization system based on sponsorship integrations, ticket services and organization of exhibitions.
  • Fundraising for social and charity projects — attraction of financial and non-financial (media, intellectual, service and other) partners, helping to capitalize the project.
  • Fundraising for public organizations, associations and sport clubs — development and implementation of the long-term financial assistance system based on sponsorship, membership dues & fees and paid services.

Fundraising for your business: enough for all the needs & wants

Talented and hard-working staff is needed 24/7 for effective fundraising. We have both people and time. We will take the non-core load off your business so that you could focus on priority tasks. You can find other advantages of fundraising below:

  • Additional sources of funding — we will conduct a complex market research in order to find ways of extra monetization.
  • Outsourced sales managers — ready-to-take-an-action team of professionals.
  • Transparent work — online access to databases and status of the work as well as regular reporting
  • Back office burden reduction — we undertake accounting and document work.
  • Liability control — we undertake the control of liabilities to sponsors.
  • Closed loop — from the development of the concept to post analytics and recommendations.

A brief summary of our work:
from SWOT analysis to multi-valued amounts

Fundraising is a multi-stage process where every detail is vital. We realize full cycle of fundraising work with an obligatory post analysis which widens our opportunities for future sponsorship integrations.


  • SWOT analysis
  • Analysis of potential sponsors
  • Competition analysis
  • Media analytics
  • Strategy elaboration
  • Monetization planning

Pre-sale preparation

  • Project positioning
  • Information newsletters
  • Negotiations with potential clients
  • Transaction completion


  • Preparation of the base of potential partners
  • Cold call and sales letters
  • Negotiations with potential clients
  • Closing

Contract work

  • Preparation and execution of contracts
  • Invoice issue
  • Invoice settlement control
  • Closing documents

Customer support

  • Sponsor liability matrix
  • Terms of reference specification
  • Satisfaction of liabilities audit
  • Media support

Project closeout

  • KPI analysis
  • Reporting to sponsors
  • Reporting to the client
  • Feedback collection
  • Recommendations

Examples of fundraising projects:
festivals, forums and congresses

About 20% of our projects are realized with the help of fundraising. Accumulation of resources for us is balanced system that enables achievement of great results and opens new horizons for the client.

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