Analytics and creatives

Before launching the promotion of the client we conduct market research and develop an explicate communications strategy. Our scope is not limited by traditional and digital media screening. We develop a 3-stage strategy — concept, strategy and plan — what enables us to support coherence of all the elements of a communication process.
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Pavel Maluev, Director of Quality control
Pavel Maluev,
Director of Quality control

Data driven creative solutions:
turn-key PR strategy

We develop turn-key communication strategies for which we have sufficient in-house resources and competences.

  • Separate department specializing in traditional and social media screening with subscription to all the necessary data bases.
  • Social researchers with strong experience in deploying innovative qualitative research methods.
  • Department of analytics ready to perform targeted research activities in the field of economy, management, law, territory development, etc.

Relying on data bases and analytical tools we organize strategic sessions in order to develop creative solutions. We compose communication strategies that contain practical recommendations and all necessary tools. You can utilize the strategy in-house or with our assistance.

Analytics and creativity for your business
You receive your individual PR strategy: detailed instructions for the brand promotion

Professional PR strategy helps you to guide yourself in information flows and to direct the data stream to your benefit.

  • Have your current state of affairs evaluated.
  • Reduce risks of the project.
  • Investigate the reputation and define forming factors.
  • Specify strengths and weaknesses.
  • Boost the management effectiveness.
  • Monitor social reaction and public opinion.
  • Quickly adapt to market shifts.
  • Understand consumer requests.
  • Create an effective model for communication with the target audience.
  • Get WOW-effect.
  • Raise the promotion effectiveness.

Attraction of our consultants with cross industrial expertise brings you additional benefits:

  • Cross industrial expertise.
  • Practical experience.
  • Innovative approach.
  • Real evaluation.

A brief summary of our work:
media audit, tools definition and implementation


  • Determination of basic requirements
  • objective setting
  • Preparation of the technical task
  • Work planning

Methodology and research program development

  • Object of research
  • Legend of research
  • Data base
  • Definition of research methods (expert interview, surveying, focus groups, content analysis, etc.)
  • Survey and script elaboration
  • Workflow chart

Organizational and technical support

  • Research team
  • HR training
  • Individual planning
  • Inventory purchase or rental
  • Printing works

Information accumulation

  • Media audit
  • Surveying
  • Expert interviews
  • Organization of focus groups
  • Traditional and social media screening
  • Profile events screening
  • Gathering of inside information

Data processing

  • Data digitalization
  • Structuring
  • Formation of the data base


  • Market research
  • SWOT analysis
  • PESTE analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • Synoptical analysis

Strategy development and reporting

  • KPI setting
  • Conclusion drawing and recommendations formulation
  • Report preparation
  • Analytical report presentation
  • Requirements specification for the strategic session
  • Idea accumulation and analysis
  • Draft concept
  • Tools development
  • Detailed work planning
  • Budgeting

Strategy implementation

  • Strategy presentation
  • Development of standards
  • Personnel testing
  • HR training
  • Mentoring

Examples of projects with the defining role of analytics and creatives

Marketing is based on business intelligence. Every marketing campaign is launched upon market research — market and competition structure, sales dynamics, employee interviews.

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