The days of the Far East in Moscow

The results of The Days of the Far East in Moscow Festival, held from 13 to 15 December 2018. We have organized The Festival for the second time, but this year’s different. We have transformed the event from an exhibition into a festival, making it more musical, gastronomic and educational.

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We have transformed the event from an exhibition into a festival, making it more musical, gastronomic and educational. We have also completely changed the format of the target audience. In that year — schoolchildren, students and young professionals. So we have focused on educational and entertainment portion of the event.


We have really made the most of the scale of the venue — more than 8,000 square meters. We have placed a panoramic cinema about The Russian Far East, a VR-zone, an interactive museum of The Far Eastern capitals, a photo exhibition, a section «Study and work in the far East» and three lecture halls where famous speakers performed.

The educational program was divided into three thematic tracks:

  • The rules of life — motivational workshops from famous and successful people, such as Sergey Minaev (russian writer, journalist, known for his scandalous novels «ДухLess», «Media Sapiens»), Peter Bankov (painter and creative director of DesignDepot) and many others;
  • Anatomy of success — panel discussions on the global transformation of the economy, culture, science, education, political and social processes;
  • Practices that achieve — workshops and master-classes aimed at the development of creative abilities.


mentions of The Festival in the press




visitors of the stand The Far Eastern Hectare


people have undergone career guidance tests

Food and music

It was truly delicious festival. 11 regions of The Russian Far East have brought ingredients and recipes of the brightest dishes of local cuisine. You could try a Burger with venison or crab, Sakhalin trumpeter, wok with scallop and a lot of other things. The chef Dmitry Shurshakov and the Executive Director of «Seven» restaurant Anatoly Petrenko took part in development of the menu and preparation of dishes.

The Russian Far East is not only about authentic food and nature, but also authentic music with its unique style and sound. In each of the three days of The Festival in the music-hall have been performing 8 famous far-eastern bands.

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