Scania. Next generation. Test drive

On June 1, in NAMI’s Testing Centre took place a great test drive of Scania’s new truck range. Polylog Consulting Group provided PR-support for the long-awaited and significant event for Scania Russia.

What happened?

Scania is introducing a new truck range, the result of ten years of development work. With the new range, Scania is extending its offering and can now, thanks to its unique modular system, supply more performance stages, connectivity and a comprehensive palette of productivity-enhancing services as well as sustainable transportation solutions that are precisely customised for each type of customer in the highly comp­etitive transportation industry. Scania’s customers will always be able to carry out their work in the most sustainable and profitable way, regardless of industry and area of application.

What else?

Among the chance to drive such a huge car, there were a lot of things to do for journalists during the test drive. For example, it was possible to make a photo of machines not only in a static position, but also in motion like shooting the chase.

Different routes were provided for different types of cars, so that journalists could evaluate the work of 15 new models in a variety of conditions.

Test drive


new models on different tracks


leading industry media journalists and bloggers


The press conference with the General Director of Scania-Rus Wojciech Rovinski and the presentation of equipment, held by product-manager Scania-Rus Pavel Solomatin, have been held for 25 representatives of the Russian media and bloggers.

Journalists and bloggers had a talk not only with representatives of Scania-Rus, but also with partners of the company — a tire manufacturer MICHELIN, body builders Wielton and Jyfa CIS and Palfinger, a manufacturer of cranes for the logging industry.

On the day of the test drive for the first time in Russia was presented the entire range of Scania’s new truck range, as well as integrated solutions — financing and insurance, FMS and driver training, service contracts and flexible maintenance plan Scania Flex, original spare parts, Scania oil and program “Scania Drive”.

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