Russia — Land of Opportunity forum

On March 13–16, VDNKh was hosting the Forum, where 6,500 participants from 85 Russian regions at 35 different venues have been discussing support for the projects that are part of the open platform Russia ‒ Land of Opportunity. Polylog Consulting Group provided a complex PR-support of the event.

Vladimir Putin, Minister of Defense, Mayor of Moscow, forum delegates and video summary.
Nikita Mikhalkov

El classico

First of all, we worked with the mass-media. It was a kind of classic PR:

  • preparation of press materials: press-kits, press-releases, preparation of speakers’ comments;
  • hosting the press-center, working with the media during the Forum, accreditation;
  • working with press-offices of regional administrations and public associations;
  • working with the Federal and regional media;
  • daily monitoring of publications and its analysis;
  • organization of a press-tour for representatives of regional media.

Social network

Also the Forum was actively covered in four social networks — Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Instagram, Telegram:

  • informing the target audience about the Platform, its projects, participants, program of the event;
  • placement of content within the content plan, but taking into account the appearance of interesting messages and changes in the course of the project;
  • visual design of posts in the corporate style of the project, creation of infographics;
  • development and interaction with the audience of accounts, attracting the attention of the audience, expanding the number of participants/subscribers;
  • monitoring of comments and preparation of prompt answers to users’ questions.
Cultural program


total number of publications


views of the live broadcast

The work undertaken has led us to the following results:

  • 526 journalists from 82 media attended the event;
  • The total number of publications from February 12 to March 19 — more than 5 000;
  • 17 182 users were involved in the official community of the Forum;
  • The number of interactions — 53 727;
  • 37 424 mentions of the Forum in social networks;
  • 10 142 326 views of the live broadcast from the Forum;
  • Total audience coverage in social networks — 29 949 781.

Polylog team expresses gratitude for the confidence in the PR-support of Russia — Land of Opportunity forum.

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