Moscow City Day 2018: PR support of the event

On September 8 and 9, Moscow celebrated its 871st Birthday. PR-support of the event was provided by Polylog.

From year to year Moscow gets prettier, younger and celebrates its birthday more interesting and more colorful. Although it is not the first time we provide PR-support for the event, every time it is a responsible and exciting job.

Corporate identity

Straight to the point. In accordance with the corporate style of the event, we created a 24-second video with General views of the city of Moscow for screens at the main locations. Hundreds of badges were made for the mass media representatives.

For VIP-guests of the event we prepared souvenirs with “I Love Moscow”: sweatshirts, covers for iPhone 8 and iPhone X, canvas bags, umbrellas and raincoats.


Information partnership

The media partners of the event were: Russian international information Agency “RIA Novosti”, “Metro” newspaper, the main TV-channels “Moscow 24”, “TVC”, the largest radio-stations “Europe plus”, “Dorozhnoe radio”, “Radio Dacha”, “Novoe radio”, “Culture”, “Radio 7”, information portals “Izvestia”, “Yandex.Afisha”, “2do2go”, “Vash Dosug”, magazine “7 days”, “Time out”, “”, “megogo”, the Moscow charity “Moscowcharity”.

The TV-channel “Moscow 24” made on the air 11 stories about Moscow City Day, including several interviews with the Head of the Department of Culture of the Moscow City Government Alexander Kibovsky.

30 announcements went on the air of radio “Culture”, 48 — on “Radio 7”, 70 — on “Europe Plus” and 130 — on “Novoe radio”. Other information partners placed banners and program of the event on their websites.

Working with the mass media

As a part of the celebration, we organized 3 press-scrums to Kibovsky Alexander. The first one took place on 29 August in the Concert hall “Zaryadye”, the second — on 8 September in the media-center of Zaryadye Park, and the last one — on 9 September in the garden “Hermitage”.

In Zaryadye Park was organized a mobile press-center. More than 100 journalists attended it. Overall, we accredited 863 journalists.

From 4 to 12 September, the total number of publications — 625, including 42 TV-stories, 27 printed publications, 556 online-publications.

Bike ride


We prepared and posted information about the events of 19 venues on the website In parallel we carried out their promotion through social networks of the Department of Culture of the Moscow City Government. We organized photo and video shooting in the epicenters of the event.

After celebration we created the reporting video, using the frames of the corporate identity.

View video summary (in Russian)


people attended the Moscow City Day


publications for the holiday week only


About 10 million people attended the Moscow City Day. This holiday was distinguished by the Grand opening of the concert hall “Zaryadye”. The ceremony was attended by Vladimir Putin and Sergei Sobyanin, Moscow Mayor. At the end of 8 September, the sky was painted with dozens of fireworks from 30 points across the capital.

The event really grandiose and bright! Polylog-team would like to thank the Department of Culture of the Moscow City Government for their trust in PR-support of the event.

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