The Fatherland Defender’s Day with Hot Wheels

From 23 to 25 February, the main square of KidZania has become a venue of the Hot Wheels’ competition. Polylog Consulting Group developed the concept of the event and acted as its operator. Polylog developed the event.

Hot Wheels — is not a chaotic set of toy-cars. Hot Wheels — is a game world where children learn the laws of physics, building crazy twisted tracks for miniature cars.

Race tracks, free zone games, contests, prizes, entertainers and a Dj — it’s all set for children in KidZania. Three times a day, under the supervision of judges, young riders participated in the Hot Wheels’ races and fought for the win. The children themselves were actively collecting tracks and studied the peculiarities of their construction.

Unable to resist the call of childhood, fathers and grandfathers “rushed into the battle” and were gaving advices like football fans. As a result of the races, the winners received well-deserved prize-sets and cars from Hot Wheels.

Hot Wheels are fun

For fathers and grandfathers KidZania has made a gift — a free entrance to the Park from 23 to 25 February. The idea of integration of Hot Wheels with Kidzania was in demand among the target audience — 4 653 people attended the event.

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