IV Congress of the fishing industry workers

The congress took place on February 26 in Moscow. Organized by the PR agency "Polylog" On February 26, the IV Congress of the fishing industry workers of the Russian Federation was held in Moscow. Polylog Consulting Group acted as the operator of the event and provided PR-support.

600 delegates from 38 regions of the country attended the event. The preparation of the event took 2 months. What did we have to do?

  • Development of the technical concept of the Congress;
  • Creation of corporate identity;
  • Conducting an invitation campaign;
  • Working with information partners;
  • Media coverage;
  • Preparation of comments and materials for the mass media;
  • Creating a page of the event on the website VARPE, filling it with relevant information;
  • Security provision;
  • SMM;
  • Catering.

During the Congress, reports on the results of the industry were made by Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, head of the Federal Agency for fisheries Ilya Shestakov, President of the non-profit organization VARPE German Zverev.

At the event, VARPE and the Russian Trade Union of fisheries workers signed an Agreement and the final resolution.


publications in total



77 journalists from 34 mass-media attended the Congress. From January to February, more than 1,700 materials were published in the most popular periodicals, including 4 tv-stories.

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