Polylog Consulting Group organized press conference held on the 5th of July 2017 where the new shopping mall brand „NOVAMALL” was presented.

IMMOFINANZ has introduced the new shopping mall brand „NOVAMALL” onto the market.

The new brand will bring 5 shopping and entertainment centers in Moscow togrether under the same trademark. Rebranding will provide shopping malls with common philosophy while retaining their unique characters. This will be a totally new for the Russian market brand-of-house portfolio of different format shopping centers.

„Golden Babylon Rostokino”, „Golden Babylon Otradnoe”, „Golden Babylon Yasenevo”, „5th Avenue”, „Goodzone” malls will be included into the new umbrella brand.

„NOVAMALL” will create a new format of retail industry on the Russian market. The format implies both small neighborhood shopping malls and high class shopping and leisure centers working under the same brand. Such approach provides investors with new opportunities and expands potential of each development object.

Polylog Consulting Group has been an outsource press office of IMMOFINANZ Russia since 2011. This form of cooperation is one of the most demanded while working with foreign partners. The main objective of our work is increase in publicity and high quality publications with the reference to the brand of IMMOFINANZ and its assets.