First Eurasian orthopedic forum: largest industry event on the continent of Eurasia

Polylog Consulting Group acted out as initiator and organizer of the First Eurasian orthopedic forum which took place on the 29 th and 20 th of June, 2017 at Expocentre venue in Moscow.

Leonid Roshal; video report; stands, the session and the corridors

Strategic partnership: the forum is included in the 2017 event calendar of the Russian Ministry of Health

The concept of EOF was cooperatively developed by the Polylog Consulting Group and Burdenko Main Military Clinical Hospital under the jurisdiction of the Main Military Medical Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Russia. The Forum was supported by Associations of trauma and orthopedics specialists of Russia and Moscow. Partnership with such high profile organization enabled us to start communication with other institutions and accelerated GR support.

EOF was included in the 2017 event calendar of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation where only 100 events are listed. Our Forum was as well supported by the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, Council of the Federation Committee on Defense and Security, Federal Medico-Bilogical Agency of Russia and Moscow City Health Department. We have also gained support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation and other public institutions.

We didn’t limit our opportunities within our country, hence, we organized efficient work with international organizations and associations what gave us access to international bases of participants. Therefore we could use additional promotion tools for our event in order to be caught by the public eye.

Business program: ways to make an industrial event interesting

Taking into account that the Forum will bring together different specialists we tried to integrate all the existing trauma and orthopedics schools and areas of focus into the event. We succeeded in combining everything into 2-days event: anesthesiology and critical care medicine, radiodiagnostics and oncology, emergency and military field medicine. In order not to overlook important industrial trends together with co-organizers we held scientific committee sessions where we assessed the conformity of the program against cutting-edge issues and reality.

17 sections were organized within the framework of EOF in total. Interdisciplinary program has become the first case in medicine practice in Russia.

More than 200 round tables, industrial workshops and master classes were held at the venue. We constructed 13 halls at Expocentre so that there could be enough space for everyone.

The program of the Forum was aimed not only at doctors but at business representatives and authorities as well. Cooperation between civil doctors and army medical officers was am important feature of EOF.

Communication with medical specialists was not the only advantage in the participation in the business program. EOF was included into the continuous medical education system: doctors had an opportunity to promote their skills in traumatology, orthopedics, radiology and emergency medicine and receive official credits that would be scored to their education. Via this marketing tool, which is very specific for medicine events, we could significantly increase the amount of participants from Russia.

4000 m 2 exhibition

EOF was not limited by the business program. We organized the largest orthopedic exhibition in Eurasia with the total area of 4000 m 2.

105 companies from all over the world were represented at the exhibition. Among them you could find manufacturers of medical equipment, pharmaceutical companies, medicine IT firms and many others.

Alongside with Russian companies such international giants as Stryker, Bayer, and others were exhibited.

The stand of the company NIKAMED


Creation of the EOF brand and promotion was an another strategic task of our work. As this event was the first of the series we had to build a new event brand and introduce it to the market.

We engineered a 3-language (Russian, English, Chinese) website for the event with relevant content. The daily amount of website visitors exceeded 2000 people. The internet page totaled more than 20 thousand unique users. Eoforum.ru covered the whole globe except for Greenland and few African and South American countries.

There are more than 600 contacts in the event media base with medicine, social, political and business media outlets. The amount of media partners of the Forum made up the number of 48. 244 publications with the reference to EOF were initiated at the announcement stage. The total number of publications equaled 373.

Within the framework of the promotion we launched SMM: created event pages in most popular social networks Facebook and Vkontakte where 1 432 EOF mentions (only in Russian) were recorded.


The Forum brought together 3750 participants from 70 countries including CIS, Asia-Pacific, Middle East and EU states. The most numerous delegations arrived from China, Bangladesh, Thailand, India, Jordan, Germany, France, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Armenia and Ukraine.

The association of trauma and orthopedics specialists of Russia signed 13 cooperation memoranda with institutions from Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Jordan, Iran, Kazakhstan, China, Poland, Moldova, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Japan. The number of delegates exceeded our expectations by 25%.

How did this happen? First of all, doctors are interested in skills development and qualification upgrading, while industrial institutions, authorities and business representatives are aimed at new beneficial and fruitful cooperation which can be launched at major events more easily.

Secondly, EOF has no substitutes as it is a sole event of a kind drawing attention of both professionals and authorities willing not only to visit the event but to take part in its organization as well.

Last but not least, Polylog Consulting Group has enough expertise and resources to provide event management, organizational, technical and PR support on professional level.


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