May 2016 — July 2016 Polylog Consulting Group promoted the capsule collection of T-shirts of the befree brand. The PR campaign had boost of sales as the main objective instead of the standard brand promotion. After we had defined the profile of the target group we engaged popular Russian video blogger Maria Way for the fashion collaboration, shot the lookbook of the collection and launched an excessive PR campaign that kicked off the sales of the new collection of T-shirts in Moscow.

Video blogger and the target group

PR campaign for the befree brand

The term capsule collection currently refers to increasingly frequent collaborations between clothing brands and famous people or brands. Famous media person, video blogger and fashion idol of many Russian teenager girls was chosen as a collaboration partner. In order to understand the scale of her popularity the number of her followers in social media that accounts for more than 7.5 million people in total can be brought about. Collaboration with Maria Way enabled us to bring the project to a brand new level while the company of a talented extraordinary person gave pleasure and provided new experience for our team.

The profile of the target group — female teenager girls with notable approach to life — directly influenced the video blogger selection process. Desire to look on fleek, stand out of the crowd and be digitally popular — needs and wants of today’s teenage — that is what defined our choice of Maria Way. Social nets were chosen as the best suitable communication channel due to the character strains of the target group, however our promotion was not limited by the SMM.

Publicity campaign

PR campaign for the befree brand

Everything started with the development of 10 design prints for the T-shirts that were presented in the befree shop after they had received Maria’s approval. We organized a photo shoot for the lookbook with Maria Way while the shots and the information about the capsule collection was posted in social nets. Apart from standard informative posts she organized a contest in her Instagram so that the winners could get befree summer clothing sets. High conversion and efficiency of her posts in Instagram in compliance with high quality followers granted us direct hit at the target group.

Moreover, we used external outdoor advertising and placed banners at festivals as additional promotion tools. Special zones were designated in befree shops where the capsule collection was demonstrated as well. Furthermore, we launched a series of press-releases for teenager mass media. Shopping fashion, Dom&Podium, 365, Elle Girl, Piccolo Magazine, M2, Fashion Concert and Oops! became media partners of the project.

Video content

Video content has organically supplemented the project. With Maria’s assistance we filmed a viral video that won the internet. Maria Way posted video content on her YouTube channel. Polylog Consulting Group organized an autograph signing session with Maria in one of the most popular Moscow shopping centers. The event resulted into the unexpectedly vast inflow of fans who were not only happy to see their internet idol but who swept away every T-shirt from the befree shop.

The result

The successfully realized project resulted into new experience for the Polylog Consulting Group. We understand now that the rising popularity of video bloggers gives us occasion for direct hit at the needed target group while their social media serves as the best channel for the communication. Collaborative projects with social media opinion shapers may result into fruitful cooperation for the both parties to the project who basically are the media person and the brand to be promoted.