In 2016 Moscow celebrated its 869th birthday. Polylog Consulting Group has significantly contributed to its success due to the realized PR-support of the event. It’s not the first time when the Department of Culture of the Moscow City Government was our client. Our primary task was to organize and ensure support in publicity of the Moscow City Day 2016.

Basically we had to execute 2 tasks for our client:

  1. Strategically promote the Department of Culture as the main organizer of the event taking into account that a few of venues were under the management of other departments of the Government of Moscow
  2. Practically we performed the duty of the press-center that consolidated the overall program of the Moscow City Day 2016 and got the information across the citizens

37 venues

R-сопровождение Дня города Москвы

The number of venues with the activities to which we provided PR-support accounted for 37. Every location had its own and unique program amendments to which were made in real time mode. Due to our previous experience we managed to get contacts of all the press-secretaries of the venues who provided us with the relevant information. We suggest that PR-support of major city events should always be based on targeted communication with press-centers of the venues. We had to establish partnership with at least 2 media sources for each value. We shared interactive maps with our partners in order to furnish them with the latest information.

Half a million of web site visitors

Having agreed on cooperation with media partners we started to prepare for the upcoming publications. We delivered information via official web site of the Governor of Moscow. We used contextual advertising via Yandex and SMM as promotion tools. Besides, publications in media helped us to ensure promotion of the event as we sent press-releases that led directly to the site of the Governor of Moscow. The main difference of this year’s Moscow city day was that the internet platform used for the promotion was the official web page in comparison with the 2015 when we used a special PR-page (ялюблюмоскву.рф).

Our work has resulted into the increase of the web guests of the event by 42.2% (2016/2015). The amount of web guests totaled 479,748 in contrast to 276,223 in 2015. The number of views on the web-pages of the Department of Culture of the Moscow city accounted for 5,096 (still this result could have been improved). The total amount of likes makes up 1,923 on Facebook and 6,472 on Instagram.

In addition, we prepared content for the visuals. Partially, the video was based on the cut scene of the Moscow City Day 2015. Some visuals were filmed with the help of the drone. Video content was aimed to illustrate positive dynamics and development of the city during the year and announced the event-program for the 11th September which was the second day of the festival as we tried to counter-balance the expected overflow of people in congested areas on the first day of the festival.

The most exciting part turned out to happen on the 10th of September when we had to accredit journalists for the work at the Red Square where the President of Russia and the Governor of Moscow congratulated Muscovites on the Birthday of their beloved city. Our Plan A was to make lists of the to-be accredited journalists in advance, arrange badges and give them away just before the event.

Plan B

Despite the fact everything seemed to be thought through Plan A didn’t work out and we had an alternative plan for that case. In a day before the event we sent information note for the journalists in which all the necessary details were indicated: when, where and how to get accreditation badges. On the 10th of September early in the morning our managers started to give badges to accredited journalists. Our result: 250 badges in 90 minutes. Don’t even try to perform such a trick at home. Therefore, we recommend to prepare information notes and to mailshot them in advance as it helps to reduce the amount of questions.

Another task we had to fulfil was to increase mentioning of Alexander Kibovsky, Head of the Department of Culture. In order to find a proper solution to the task we organized a series of announcing interviews with him, press-conference and airing on the radio. Within the framework of the Moscow City Day 2016 we organized 2 press scrums: one at the Red Square just before the event and another in the midst of the festival on Tverskaya street which is the main street in the city.

In order to provide answers to all the questions of press-representatives on time we organized a call-center as well.

6202 publications in just one month

During the period which starts on the 15th of August and ends on the 15th of September we registered 6202 publications mentioning the Moscow City Day 2016 what is twice as much as it was in 2015.

Summarizing the results of the executed PR-support of the city event we would like to stress out that the both tasks are successfully solved:

  • Department of Culture of the Moscow City Government is positioned in the media as the main organizer of the Moscow City Day
  • An excessive media coverage is provided to the city festival

We would like to express our gratitude to the press-service of the Department of Culture of the Moscow City Government. Its staff stayed in touch 24/7 and was always ready to coordinate our work and to make strategic decisions.

Our thanks goes to our media partners who helped us to provide PR-support to the event: ITAR-TASS,,,, 8 channel, TV-channel “Strana”, Komsomolskaya Pravda, Yandex.Afisha.