Polylog Consulting Group organized an opening ceremony of the first LeEco store in Russia and held a Flash Sale of the new smartphones Le 2 and Max 2 in the Atrium shopping mall in Moscow on the 15th of October.

The organization process of the event turned out to be tangled and interesting at the same time as we received this exciting challenge only in a week before the event itself. Therefore, managers of the Polylog Consulting Group were in a tricky situation: they were given just 7 days to organize a turn-key event.

The opening ceremony of the first LeEco store in Russia

Our agency successfully fulfilled the task: the event program was quickly developed, we realized venue-construction, invited promo-personnel and celebrities. Actually, there was nothing of great interest notwithstanding one unequivocal point: the Flash Sale accumulated far more people in comparison with the expected number. Crowd of numerous to-be LeFans predetermined an abundance of problems that we had to tackle in real time mode.

Queue of 1500 people

The opening ceremony of the first LeEco store in Russia

Can you imagine a nightmare where you sell refreshing pineapple juice on a hot summer day in the heart of Moscow while every Muscovite is willing to buy a glass of cold drink at yours? Your clients surround you begging for a glass of juice and you are in the center of this chaos. That is exactly what happened in the shopping mall but for the fact that it was a cold October day and we sold smartphones instead of juices.

The queue accounted for 1,500 people at least, hence people stood even on the street due to lack of indoor space. We invited popular YouTuber Max+100500 and that has dramatically contributed to the inflow of people as everyone desired to make a selfie with a popular video blogger.

We foresaw that so we limited access to the entrance into the shopping mall in advance in order to avoid overcrowding. We let 20 people in at the same time. Of course that didn’t solve the problem of a cold temperature outdoors.

Our team understood that freezing LeFans would be very disappointed with the BTL-event so we decided to turn their negative emotions into positive. Hot tea that was given to queuing people was chosen as a tool for mood-support.

Time went by while the number of people standing in the line didn’t reduce. At one point it became quite obvious that not everyone would manage to buy a desired phone on good pricing terms as the day came to its end. With the approval of LeEco we prolonged Flash Sale pricing terms for another day for queuing LeFans.

Experience and new ideas

Once more we noted that media representatives should have a specific designated zone. This way we would pay special attention to them and earn their loyalty. Furthermore we could have made use of the on-floor navigation system as addition to barriers. We also think now about using take-a-number queuing system that will help us to manage events in a more efficient way. It occurs to us now that online translation of what is happening in the store will help people stay calm and relaxed as they will understand that nobody stands purposelessly. Another point to stress out is that you should not forget about categorized people such as small children, elderly people and disabled. In order to grant this we organized a special queue for this kind of people.

Despite the fact that the event was very challenging and its realization was to be executed in rush the opening ceremony and the Flash Sale was organized at the level that more than sufficed needs and wants of our client — LeEco what is subject to our future fruitful cooperation.