On 17 October 2014, Pella Leningrad Factory's new shipbuilding complex was opened in the town of Otradnoye, the Leningrad Oblast. Sergey Shoygu, the Defense Minister of the Russian Federation, other Ministry of Defense officials, as well as Pella management took part in the event.

100 Guests, 20 Media, 100 Articles

Pella Leningrad Factory's new shipbuilding complex

The event included a guided tour over the dock yard with audio guides, the opening of a vessel launching channel, laying down of a vessel, and Pella's new project presentation. Sergey Shoygu, the Minister of Defense, and Herbert Tsaturov, the factory CEO, participated in all the ceremonies. A cocktail reception for the factory executives followed the official part.

Polylog Consulting Group organized both the event and its PR support. Several federal media were invited. Over 100 publications including TV spots came out after the event.