Kidburg, a children's city of professions, opened its doors on 31 March 2015 in the Central Kids' Store on Lubyanka Street, Moscow. Moscow major Sergey Sobyanin, journalists with their children, partner companies, and large families attended the event.

After the opening ceremony, Moscow major Sergey Sobyanin and his colleagues walked down Kidburg's streets accompanied by CEO of the project Maximilian Pivovarov.

60 Professions and Star Guests

Opening ceremony of Kidburg, a children's city of professions

Children who visited Kidburg that day received city passports and their first money called 'profy'. Kids could try themselves in over 60 professions. Big families invited under the auspices of Moscow Social Security Department were among guests at the holiday.

Representatives of partner companies were present at the opening ceremony, including Sergey Sysoyev, the first deputy chairman of VFSO Dinamo, Anna Ivanova, PR director of METRO, Irina Voronina, vice president of FSK Leader holding, Anastasiya Chernobrovina, RGO President's advisor, Andrey Chibis, deputy minister for construction and utilities, the chief state housing inspector of Russian Federation, and Alexandr Sidyakin, deputy chairman of State Duma committee for housing policy and utilities and Competent Consumer School project manager.

Star parents visited Kidburg with their kids, including actress Anna Slusareva, singers Pierre Narcissus, Lesya Yaroslavskaya, and Irakly Pirtskhalava, actress Alika Smekhova, figure-skater Anastasiya Grebenkina, actress and TV host Alice Grebenshchikova, actresses Ekaterina Vulichenko and Ekaterina Volkova.

99 Journalists, 48 Editions, 11 TV Interviews

Opening ceremony of Kidburg, a children's city of professions

Informational support for Kidburg opening ceremony was provided by Moscow Department of Media and Advertising, TOP SECRET kids model agency, portal, Konliga Publishing House with "Mama i malysh" and "Mama eto Ya!" magazines, Rabbit Magazine, Russian Radio, and Metro newspaper.

Polylog Consulting Group ensured partial organizational support, as well as full RP and GR support of the opening ceremony:

  • An agreement with Moscow Department of Media and Advertising was reached to support the opening of Kidburg, a Children's City of Professions;
  • An agreement with Moscow Social Security Department was reached to invite big families to the opening ceremony as the first honorary guests;
  • The Partnership with Metro newspaper, Russian Radio, Rabbit Magazine, portal, and Edipresse Konliga Publishing House was reached;
  • Ninety nine journalists from 48 editions were accredited. 53 journalists from 35 media projects were present on site on the opening day;
  • 11 Maximilian Pivovarov's, Kidburg CEO, interviews were organized for Russian and international TV channels, including Moscow 24, Zvezda TV, Life News, U TV, CCTV (China Central Television) etc.;
  • 9 star parents with children were invited at the Kidburg opening site. Polylog arranged photo sessions with them and gathered their feedback for further publication;
  • During the next three days after the opening, 161 impressions on TV, radio, print and online media were initiated.