On September 5th and 6th, Moscow officially celebrated its 868th birthday, which brought together all the residents and visitors of the capital. Polylog Consulting Group acted as the official press service of the "Moscow City Day 2015" and provided comprehensive information support of this grand event, which consisted of more than 500 celebrations and official events. Polylog attracted information partners, organized the invitation campaign for mass media, was responsible for all media events of the City Day, maintained social network accounts and the official website, organized the city history quest, was responsible for manufacturing of souvenirs and preparation of guides for key events of Moscow City Day, as well as for creation of the summary film following the 2-day celebration.

The activities of Polylog Consulting Group helped bring more than 1,000 journalists to the festive events. Russian federal mass media released more than 4,000 reports, including 150 items and news pieces on central TV channels.

More than 500 events, 5,835 performers, and only 3 weeks for preparation

Moscow City Day 2015

During two days, Moscow became the center of an unprecedented number of events to fit every taste and age. The key celebrations of the City Day were held on central streets and squares of the capital, as well as in mansions and parks. On September 5th, 12:00 PM Moscow Time, the Red Square saw the official ceremony of opening of Moscow City Day 2015. For the first time, the ceremony was broadcast on Channel One, and all residents of Russia were able to see the official opening of the City Day held on the Red Square. The live broadcast was held by Alexander Kibovsky, Head of the Department of Culture of Moscow, and Yana Churikova, a popular Russian TV hostess.

Festive events at other venues commenced with the Hymn of Moscow at the same time, at 1:00 PM. All concert programs featured the performances of professional teams of Moscow theaters, concert organizations, culture centers, and art schools. The wishes of city residents who voted on the "Active Citizen" website were also taken into account. More than 500,000 visitors attended the concerts of classical music held at the Moscow International House of Music, Patriarshiye Ponds, Poklonnaya Hill, Bolotnaya and Lubyanskaya Squares, as well as on Moscow boulevards, and participated in children's programs held at VDNKh Exhibition Center and on Tsvetnoy Boulevard. The visitors especially enjoyed more than 200 free city excursions in different districts of Moscow, including Troitsky and Nomoskovsky districts. For the third time, the Hermitage Garden saw the Theatrical March Festival, created and inspired by I.V. Apeksimova, the Russian theatrical and film actress, film director, singer, TV hostess, and director of the Taganka Theater. Patriarshiye Ponds witnessed the "Live Sound" concert, organized by Moscow 24 TV Channel under the auspices of the Department of Culture of the City of Moscow, which captured the fancy of all Muscovites. Neglinnaya Street saw the 4th Bright People Festival of Theatrical Art and Creativity. The birthday of the city transformed the Boulevard Ring into a creative one: dozens of literary, dancing, costume, and music performances were held there. At the end of the first day of celebration in the capital, more than 20,000 rounds of fireworks were fired from 31 locations in the city.


Moscow City Day 2015

During celebration of the City Day, Polylog Consulting Group organized its first city history quest, which covered the main venues of celebration of the capital's birthday. The tasks had to be completed in Victory Park, Bolotnaya Square, Patriarshiye Ponds, Arbat; Gogolevsky, Tsvetnoy, Rozhdestvensky, Pokrovsky and Yauzsky Boulevards, Clean Ponds, Neglinnaya Street, Tverskoy and Nikitsky Boulevards, as well as on Pushkinskaya Street and its surrounding territories. As part of the quest, participants had to figure out special codes, the answers to which were dates of special significance to the capital, architectural monuments and iconic personalities in the history of Moscow. The all-city history quest enjoyed the support of popular video bloggers Maria Way, Max Brandt, and Kostya Pavlov.

Postings related to the quest collected a total of 25,000 likes on Vkontakte social network, and more than 200,000 likes with the quest's official #МОСКВЕСТ hashtag on Instagram. The game concluded on September 6, at 8:30 PM, and the winners were awarded at Rozhdestvensky Boulevard, near the Arc of Triumph. Despite the rainy weather, more than 1,000 daredevils participated in the quest, with 258 people completing all the tasks and finding the correct answers.

More details about the events dedicated to celebration of the City Day 2015 are provided online at ялюблюмоскву.рф. In comparison with the same period of the website's operation in 2014, its traffic increased by more than 2.5 times, and visitors' activities -by more than 6 times.

A full photo report of Moscow City Day 2015.