The Polilog Consulting Group was the first to catch on to the video blogging trend and the public demand for a festival specific to video bloggers and their viewers.

10,000 Visitors, 50 Top Bloggers

The first ever VIDFEST Video Blogger Festival in Russia: Kate Klap

On June 6th and 7th, 2015, VIDFEST, the first ever national festival of video bloggers, took place in Moscow. Conceived and co-owned and run by the Polilog Consulting Group, the festival ended up being much larger than expected. About ten thousand visitors attended, as well as 50 of the most popular stars of Russian YouTube.

The two-day festival was housed in one of the largest pavilions of Moscow’s famous Exhibition of Economic Achievements – Pavilion 75. The Exhibition has now earned the right to host the festival annually. The event had the support of the world’s largest video hosting service, YouTube, and Russia’s largest social network, Vkontakte. Press partners included the TNT TV channel, RADIO ENERGY, Elle Girl, WDAY, and Chezasite. Participating in VIDFEST were Stas Davydov, (The show ‘This is Khorosho’), Katy Klap, Max +100500, the group ‘Khleb’, Ruslan Usachev, LizzzTV, and many others. The total coverage of their combined audience is 25 million people.

5,000 Autographs and 2015 Like Award

The first ever VIDFEST Video Blogger Festival in Russia: Maxim Golopolosov

Fans had the unique chance to meet and mingle with their favorite bloggers, take photos, and collect autographs. There were several ‘Theme Zones’ set up at the Festival: VIDFEST Beauty & Fashion, Board Games, and ‘Let’s play’. On the main stage, YouTube bloggers conducted master classes, where they described the details of how to develop one’s own channel, the history of video blogging, as well as its potential for the future. Bloggers and TNT soap opera stars signed almost five thousand autographs in total. At the end of the first day of the VIDFEST festival, a gala evening concert was held, featuring the top stars of YouTube: CrazyMegaHell and the groups ‘Khleb’, ‘KlikKlakBanda’, and LITTLEBIG.

At the end of the second day, the 2015 Like ceremony was held, awarding the first-ever national prize for the category of video blogging. With the participation of festival partner YouTube, the best bloggers were nominated in several categories: ‘Like for Humor’, ‘Like for Beauty’, ‘Like for Show’, ‘Like for Tech Blog’, a special Vkontakte Prize, an Exhibition Center Prize, a RADIO ENERGY Prize, and of course ‘Like of the Year’.

The Future of Video Blogging

The first-ever VIDFEST Video Blogger Festival in Russia: Stas Davydov

The Polilog Agency used the festival as a platform to present the first stage of its research report – ‘2015 Russian Video Blogging: Its Role and Significance in Communication in the Digital Domain’. There were a host of expert interviews with representatives of businesses which already have hands-on experience creating advertising projects using video bloggers, or plan to start doing so in the near future.

In our report, we attempted to answer the following questions: ‘What is video blogging?’, ‘Who are video bloggers?’, ‘Who watches video blogs and why?’, ‘Who does, how to, and why uses this communication channel?’, and finally, ‘What is the future of video blogging?’

We came to the conclusion that video blogging is the most simple and effective way to communicate with a burgeoning generation – Generation Z. For them, video blogging is an understandable and regularly accessed online resource. Gradually, the video blogging audience will grow and diversify, and with time it will transform itself into a classical form of mass communication. Other interesting facts and conclusions about video blogging as a digital communications channel can be found in the full version of our report.

200 Publications, 18,600 Subscribers and over 400 kg of Pizza

The Polilog Consulting Group not only created the VIDFEST festival, but also handled the planning and full PR support for the event.

  • In the press, over 200 publications ran features about VIDFEST, and that number is still increasing. These include:
    • Featured reports on NTV, Rossiya, Podmoskoviye 360, and RUTV television channels;
    • On-air coverage by RADIO ENERGY, Love Radio, Comedy Radio, and Moskva FM;
    • Print coverage by Metro and Moskovsky Komsomolets newspapers, as well as Allure and Elle Girl magazines;
    • Internet publication coverage on the RIA Novosti and TASS portals, as well as by M24, The-Village, Vash Dosug, KudaGo, Chezasite, YES!, MosDay, Wday, Oops!, Grazia, Igromania, and Yopolis, among others.
  • Articles posted on the VIDFEST public page collected from 100 to 1,500 likes each.

  • After two months on-line, the festival’s official Vkontakte group grew to 18,600 subscribers, all of whom are actual active social network users.
  • Over 16,000 photos and selfies were posted with the VIDFEST festival’s official hashtag.
  • The average daily traffic on the VIDFEST festival website was over 35,000 unique users, with a peak number of 77,514 people.
  • Over two days at VIDFEST, over 1,100 liters of soda, 60 liters of coffee, 30 kg of ice cream and frozen yogurt, 240 kg of gyros, 70 kg of burgers and panini, and 400 kg of pizza were consumed.