On 6 September 2014, Polylog Consulting Group participated in the celebration of 867th anniversary of Moscow. On the City Day, as part of Moscow International Book Fair and 5th BookMarket Multimedia Open Air Festival, the agency's specialists organized a literary soirée "Moscow through Poetry and Prose".

Artists of different age groups read their favorite fragments from writings on Moscow at the festival held in Krasnaya Presnya Park. Stage veterans Nina Polivanova and Valeriy Budylin, who receive the help of the Artist Foundation, famous young poets Nika Simonova and Kirill Kuznetsov, winners of Pushkin's Grandmother TV project, as well as common Muscovites, the lovers of poetry, took part in the soirée. The youngest presenter was Olga Kiryanova, pupil of The Slovo Theater, who read her own poem about fall.

Literary soirée "Moscow through Poetry and Prose"

Hearty and Atmospheric Soirée

The event was held under the auspices of Elena and Gennady Timchenko Charitable Foundation, Eksmo-AST Publishing Group, Artist Charitable Foundation Providing Support To People of Art, TASS News Agency of Russia. Photographs of Oldushka Photo Project, conveying the image of an attractive, stylish, and active senior citizen, were used in decoration of the event (the author is Igor Gavar, a young Omsk-based photographer).

’The soirée turned out to be incredibly hearty and atmospheric, imbued with a spirit of the old Moscow that inspired and continues to inspire poets and artists,’ says Vadim Samorodov, Head of Senior Generation at Timchenko Foundation. ’We succeeded in showing the guests and participants the importance of the connection between generations and how easy it actually is to speak the same language with people of different age groups. This is because there is always some common ground, literature, art, love to the city or simply a need to express oneself and be heard. We hope that such literary soirées will become a good tradition.’

Polylog Consulting Group has been a partner of Elena and Gennady Timchenko Charitable Foundation for more than a year organizing and providing PR support to projects aimed at solving social problems in Russia, including Senior Generation project. Moscow through Poetry and Prose" literary soirée became another project with a purpose to expand the concept of age in public conscience and promote the "society for all age groups" — a comfortable social environment for senior citizens.