The 1st International Forum "Culture. A Look into the Future", initiated by the Department of Culture of the City of Moscow, was held in the Moscow Manege exhibition center on October 15-18, 2014. The forum was held in the Moscow Manege exhibition center and brought together more than 3,000 professionals from 15 countries. KidBurg Children's Careers Town became an official partner of the forum's kid zone.

50 Children, 3 Days of Activities

1st International Forum "Culture. A Look into the Future"

On the first day of the forum, it was attended by Sergei Sobyanin, Moscow Mayor, Sergei Kapkov, Head of the Moscow Department of Culture, Mikhail Shvydkoy, Special Presidential Envoy for International Cultural Cooperation. Before the opening ceremony, during the excursion of the Manege's halls, the honorable guests spent some time in the kid zone where KidBurg's young doctors managed to perform a quick medical examination of Sergei Sobyanin.

Anna Shchyogol, Marketing and PR Director of KidBurg, delivered a speech at the "Ideas and Projects" stage on October 18. Anna told the audience about the forthcoming opening of KidBurg in Moscow and about the new format of family entertainment — edutainment centers. Following Anna's address, the attendees had a good time solving complicated mathematical problems through a game together with a professional actor of KidBurg Children's Careers Town.

KidBurg's kid zone was active on October 15 and 17. Children could learn about the careers of a doctor, a sailor, and a farmer at exciting workshops: They learned how to tell edible mushrooms from poisonous ones, tried to perform medical examinations of the forum's guests, successfully fished for trout, and greeted everyone using the Morse flag semaphore. Upon completion of their studies, the kids received a KidBurg passport and their first game money — "profs", and their parents received a discount coupon to visit the Children's Careers Town after it opens in Moscow. More than 50 kids became the citizens of KidBurg in the total 5 hours of the forum's duration.

12 News Reports in Mass Media: Russia 1, Moscow 24, and others

1st International Forum "Culture. A Look into the Future"

Polylog Consulting Group initiated the integration of KidBurg Children's Careers Town in the forum's program and provided organizational, technical, and PR support of the event:

  • 12 news reports in mass media, including Moscow 24, Russia 1, Russia.
  • Culture TV channels;
  • Complete equipment of the kid zone;
  • KidBurg's zone was the only branded zone at the forum;
  • Working meeting of Maximilian Pivovarov, CEO, with Elena Zelentsova, Deputy Head of the Department of Culture of Moscow, and presentation of KidBurg Children's Careers Town project to her.