On September 12, the debates took place in Moscow titled "Customer-Friendly Official — a Myth or a Reality?" The event was organized by the Government of Moscow, the Multifunctional Centers for Public Services (MFC), and the independent platform Debate Night. Polylog Consulting Group ensured the end-to-end organizational, technical, and PR support of the event.

More than a hundred public officials, representatives of business, and expert community of Moscow met at the platform of Rossiya Segodnya international news agency's press center. The project participants debated on how the attitude of public employees to the people changed in the recent years, whether it became easier to get a service after the introduction of the MFC system, and whether the public official can actually prioritize the interests of a residential customer.

The participants of the discussion were divided in two teams: "Reality" and "Myth". The first team included Mikhail Maksimov, First Deputy of the Chief of Staff of the Mayor and the Government of Moscow, Alexandra Alexandrova, Head of the Civil Service and Personnel Directorate of the Moscow Government, Igor Bukharov, President of the Federation of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers of Russia. The Myth team included Sergei Vorobyev, President of Ward Howell, Co-Chairman of Club 2015, Stanislav Naumov, President of the Russian PR Association, and Evgeny Minchenko, Political Expert and Director of the International Institute for Political Expertise.

Customer-Friendly Official — a Myth or a Reality?

58% Trust

Following the results of the discussion between the speakers and the experts, a vote was held between the participants showing that most attendees supported the idea that the customer-friendly official is a reality. At the beginning of the discussion, 55% of the viewers believed in that, and after the discussion the trust rose to 58%. 45% selected "Myth" before the debate, and 42% — after the debate.

The Vechernyaya Moskva newspaper held an opinion poll among the readers of its website prior to the debates. Responding to the question "What measures must be taken to enhance customer-friendliness of public employees?", most citizens expressed themselves in favor of public ratings of officials (46%) and the hot line for citizen complaints (25%).

Customer-Friendly Official — a Myth or a Reality?

35 Journalists, 23 Periodicals, 216 Publications

Snob magazine became the strategic partner of the debates. Title radio partner — CITY-FM. Title information partner — Vechernyaya Moskva newspaper. Official information partners — Infox.ru and M24.ru public website.

The event attracted 35 journalists from 23 periodicals, including the representatives of Interfax News Agency, the newspapers "Komsomolskaya Pravda", "Nezavisimaya Gazeta", "Novye Izvestia", TV channels RBC TV, Moscow 24, TV Tsentr, Vesti Moscow (Russia 24).

The debates resulted in 216 publications in mass media.