This summer Polylog Consulting Group organized and ran "The Creative Summer Together with Adobe" contest on creative portal for Adobe Systems Inc. The contest was held for a month from July 10 to August 10, 2014. Adobe experts set a task to develop a creative T-shirt print design using Adobe Creative Cloud professional tools. The project partner,, was responsible for printing and sales of the T-shirt collection.

The Creative Summer Together with Adobe

250 Works and Adobe Creative Suite 6

Adobe CC is a complex suit of creative tools and services in the cloud designated to replace Adobe Creative Suite 6 boxed software. The main goal of the contest is to familiarize and engage direct target audience into the conceptually new Adobe CC. During a month, dozens of authors sent their most exciting and outstanding works, and a panel consisting of editors, Adobe Systems professionals, and shopping club experts selected the best participants. Overall, received more than 250 works for “The Creative Summer Together with Adobe”.

The Creative Summer Together with Adobe

A user called Vadim, who dedicated his work to Adobe's masterpiece, 'content aware fill' function (Shift+F5 keys combination), became a winner according to An awardee selected shopping club is a user called Maxim, who presented a series of prints that looked as if they were painted in water color, but in reality were created using Adobe Photoshop. A winner selected by Adobe Systems experts is Julia Sokolova. Her blazing and snappy prints, stickers, and patterns perfectly fit both gadget cases and apparel. The work uses vector graphics created in Adobe Illustrator. Adobe Systems experts additionally noted a complex and exciting work by Ruslan Jabrailov made at a high technical level.

Winners' prints will adorn stylish T-shirts to be sold in and online shops. All awardees got an annual subscription for a full-featured Adobe Creative Cloud professional toolkit.