In March 2014, Polylog Consulting Group in collaboration with Adobe (Nasdaq: ADBE) continued working on the special educational project "Adobe Ask a Pro". "Ask a Pro" is an interactive website created specially for education and support of novice and experienced specialists in design and creative industry.

As part of the project, Polylog organized and carried out three workshops in Moscow Multimedia Art Museum (MAMM), held by leading experts and specialists in motion design, CGI, visual special effects, and directing. The workshops were integrated into the program of the Moscow "PhotoBiennale 2014" Festival.

Арман Яхин

Arman Yakhin "Main Road|Post. Visual Effects for Large-Scale Movie Projects"

The first workshop run by Adobe at PhotoBiennale 2014 was held in Moscow Multimedia Art Museum on March 20. Around 100 attendees flocked in the MAMM's Cinema Hall.

The speaker was Arman Yakhin, CEO of Main Road|Post, a visual effects production studio, and supervisor of visual effects for large-scale movie projects.

Since 2006, the studio participated in such film projects as "Admiral", "Wanted", "The Inhabited Island", "High Security Vacation", "August Eighth", "Metro", "Stalingrad".

Arman Yakhin spoke on the main principles of creating visual effects in films by the example of the studio's projects, shared the secrets of supervisory work.

Илья Остриков

Ilya Ostrikov "Motion Design at Work"

The second workshop by Adobe in Moscow Multimedia Art Museum was held by Ilya Ostrikov and was titled "Motion Design at Work". Around 150 attendees flocked in the MAMM's Cinema Hall.

Ilya's professional activities involve cooperation with the following TV channels: Channel One, 7TV, MUZ-TV, SPORT. His projects include: Andrei Konchalovsky's documentary "Battle for Ukraine", Eurovision 2012, the ads of Gazprom and McDonalds, TV series "Forgotten" and many more.

Ilya Ostrikov spoke of the motion design, the modern trends, and shared his experience.

Ilya Ostrikov's workshop was broadcast at "Ask a Pro" website and attracted around 170 online viewers.

Джаник Файзие

Dzhanik Faiziyev "Directing and CGI in Modern Films"

The last workshop at PhotoBiennale 2014 was held by Dzhanik Faiziyev and was titled "Directing and CGI in Modern Films". Around 120 attendees flocked in the MAMM's Cinema Hall.

Dzhanik Faiziyev is a Russian director, scriptwriter, actor, and producer, laureate of multiple awards: the Silver Cypress Award, the TEFI Award, the Golden Eagle Award.

The director of "Kinopanorama" show (1995, Ostankino Channel), the developer of the idea and the director of "Perekhvat" show (1997, NTV), production director of "Namedni 61-91. Nasha Era" (1997, NTV), director of the project "Ten Songs About Moscow" (1997), "The Master of Taste" (2003, Channel One). Producer and director of the following films: "The Turkish Gambit", "August Eighth", "Admiral", "Namedni. Nasha Era", "High Security Vacation", "The Russian Empire", and many more.

Dzhanik Faiziyev spoke on the peculiarities of directing and CGI in modern cinematography.

Dzhanik Faiziyev's workshop was broadcast at "Ask a Pro" website and attracted around 190 online viewers.

At the preliminary stage, the workshops were extensively promoted and announced in social networks and dedicated platforms. The three workshops resulted in more than 520 publications.