“Polylog” Agency successfully completed a project establishing a network of regional youth centers to support innovations City Startup Club on behalf of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs (Rosmolodezh). Regional centers have been established in 15 regions of the Russian Federation:

  • Vladivostok,
  • Tomsk,
  • Krasnoyarsk,
  • Novosibirsk,
  • Ufa,
  • Ekaterinburg,
  • Penza,
  • Samara,
  • Rostov-na -Donu,
  • Kaliningrad,
  • Kursk,
  • Tyumen,
  • Nizhny Novgorod,
  • Pyatigorsk
  • Astrakhan.

A meeting of regional representatives from the City Startup Club with Rosmolodezh deputy Head Yuri Saprykin and with the head of the “Zvorykinsky project” Sergei Blintsov at the site of the Seliger federal camp became 59the closing of the project.

The “Polylog” company performed the full range of services on creative, organizational and technical support of all phases of the opening of the regional centers: the experts of the company established Internet portal www.startup-club.pro , prepared business program of meetings of activists, invited speakers and participants, selection of sites, logistics, catering and much more.

City Startup Club

City StartUp Club

City StartUp Club — is a community of start-up teams, entrepreneurs, business angels, mentors, experts, venture investors, established in each city considering regional particular characteristics and projects that are involved. Established regional centers are the single point of joining to the federal and regional activities of key institutions: the International Innovation Festival at the Skolkovo innovation city — “StartUp Village”, Shifts “Innovation and Technical Creativity” and “Innovative Business” of the National Forum “Seliger”, All-Russian competition of innovative projects “The Zvorykinsky Award” and the National Youth Innovation Convention, Entrepreneurial competition of innovative business plans “Business innovation” (BIT) — event calendar is constantly updated with new events.

This is new for Russia, but already well-known in Europe and the U.S. system of self-development and self-promotion, when start-up teams interested in the commercialization of their project join together and become a collective intellectual force, helping and supporting each other, developing new scenarios of competition in high-tech markets.

This is an unlimited set of services and of capacity that development institutions possess and which will give you access if you want and ask for help and support.

City StartUp Club — the lift that allows start-ups to overcome many obstacles and achieve success as soon as possible and the “Polylog” company is proud to be involved in a project that assists the development of young entrepreneurs.