In July and August of 2013 the consultants of the “Polylog” Agency had a unique opportunity to join “Seliger” Forum as a part of the main Forum Staff. The consultants were to help in the organization of two “Seliger 2013” shifts – “Innovations and Technical Creativity” and “Technological Business”, along with the work in the media center of the “Seliger 2013” Forum.

National Youth Educational Forum “Seliger 2013” was held in the Tver Region from July 14 to August 5, 2013. In 2013, the concept of the “Seliger” Forum changed dramatically. For the first time the Forum brought together three divergent platforms: Youth Projects Forum (July 14-July 21) gathered more than 5000 young people implementing their projects in sports, creativity, innovation, healthy lifestyles; Business Forum (July 21 — July 28) brought together young successful business people whose goal was the further dynamic development of their businesses, careers, teams. The third — the Civic Forum (28 July — 05 August) — for the first time in the “Seliger” history became a discussion forum for all political parties, as well as representatives of environmental, student, tourist associations, search teams, representatives of working youth.

The “Seliger” Forum — for those who want to solve a number of important tasks for themselves using the shortest way: to find an investor, to form a new team, to present a project, an initiative, an idea directly to a customer — business leaders and heads of ministries and departments.

Seliger 2013: Kostya Tszyu

More than 800 teachers

The main purpose of the Forum is education. For the three weeks at the “Seliger” Forum master — classes and workshops are conducted by more than 800 teachers from Russian and international institutions at all levels, as well as by authoritative experts from all fields: from fitness trainers and experts in diets to investment analysts, leading marketing specialists, political scientists, economists, educators in the field of social media and strategic business management.

Seliger 2013

360° and 17 weddings

Educational Policy of the Forum is based on the principle of the “on 360” model, when during the day a participant can work out a business diagram of their project, including a pitch session with leading mentors of the venture capital market, work at techniques of oratorical skills, debate on trends in the global economy, make suggestions to the solution of housing and community amenities problems. And also participants can take part in the training group of rock climbing, learn to draw using dextrocerebral, to trick riding on horses; become a donor, learn hip-hop dancing and even join a marriage ceremony: for the three weeks of the Seliger17 weddings were carried out: with official registration of marriage, white bridal dresses and thousands of invited guests.

Access to educational sites and to experts is not limited. Want to put a question to the CEC Chairman Vladimir Churov or to the Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets? Want to argue with Sergei Glazyev? Talk with Dmitry Livanov? Come and ask. Many of those who shape the political and economic agenda in the country are here and easily get around the Forum actively communicating with the participants and answering all the questions, studying exhibition projects and educational activities.

Seliger 2013

+14–28C from 10 to 19

Living conditions for the participants, teachers and organizers are the same: the usual tourist tent, a sleeping bag, a bonfire, food from the common pot, garden shower with the water of the lake. The chairs in tents — not a common phenomenon, everybody sits on the floor or on the grass, dividing into learning groups according to the weather conditions: nature at Seliger is gorgeous, but unpredictable — in sunlight + 28 C, in cloudy weather — +14–15 C. The Forum has quite strict rules: alcohol, conflicts, and strong language are banned. From 10 to 19 hours all the participants, without exception, must learn.

Seliger 2013

15,500 participants

Here are some of the results of the “Seliger” Forum, which has 15,500 participants from 83 regions and 141 countries of the world: over 30 agreements for the sale of franchises were signed, 22 projects found their investors with a total investment of more than 1 billion rubles, more than 30 proposals of amendments to existing legislation were developed; the “Teacher of the Future” program work was formed, as well as the program of the All-Russian Student Union; at least another 150 new businesses will be launched within the next years all over the country. But the number of new teams, new ideas and personal development plans cannot be calculated.

Seliger 2013

The contribution of “Polylog”

Polylog Agency consultants’ work on innovative projects shift was not accidental: last year and a half Polylog has been implementing projects for the organization of events, information support of innovative projects and high-tech start-ups. Thus, Polylog for the third year in a raw has been the co-organizer of the International Forum of mobile application developers Apps4All. In December of 2012 the Agency successfully completed the project on the organization and promotion of the V Innovation Convention; in April-May 2013 the Agency consultants successfully implemented a project on the organization and information support of the road show of the Russian development institutions — Russian StartUp Tour in 15 Russian cities. In July 2013 “Polylog” completed the project on organization of the start-up communities’ network in Russian cities — City StartUp Club.

Work on the organization and management of large media centers of forums of Russian and international levels are also one of the key competencies of the “Polylog” CG. Over the past three years the experts of the Agency organized the media centers of the Global Policy Forum (2009, 2010, 2011.), APEC CEO Summit (2012.), International Tourism Forum Visit Russia (2011, 2012.), The 30th session of UNESCO; they also implemented the organization of the communication and public relations departments in a number of regional governments and large Russian companies.