On April 15-16 Beijing hosted the presentation of the investment potential of the Republic of Komi. Chinese businessmen were introduced the overall investment portfolio of more than 200 projects, which are estimated at almost $ 30 billion in sectors such as energy products and timber processing, transportation, communications, agriculture and tourism. The cost of the projects only in the oil and mining sector reached 280 billion rubles.

The delegation of Komi of 48 representatives was headed by Vyacheslav Gaiser - Head of the Republic. On the Chinese side the presentation was attended by more than 400 businessmen, representatives of major Chinese banks, investment companies and industrial corporations, trade associations and universities. Among the participants were representatives of the municipality of Beijing, the provincial government of Heilongjiang, Association of China-Russian cooperation of the Liaoning Province, China National Forestry Industry Federation, China National Coal Association, the Ministry of Land Resources of China, the China National Engineering Corporation, the Department of international capital and foreign investment, and other representatives of the Chinese business community.



The program of the event was scheduled for two days: April 15- the presentation took place at the site of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Beijing, and introduced by the Head of the Republic Vyacheslav Gaiser, CEO of OJSC “Interregional Company “Belkomur” Elman Hudazarov and General Director of “Tourism Development Corporation” Yulia Rybakova with baseline reports; On April 16 there was a series of round tables on education, investment and tourism, where the possibility of cooperation of the Republic of Komi with Chinese regions was discussed. For more extensive coverage of the republic’s potential, within the framework of the presentation there was a press conference with the head of the of the Republic -Vyacheslav Gaiser at the site of RIA Novosti, involving more than 35 Russian and Chinese media. The conference lasted for more than one and a half hours; as consequence more than 60 reports, articles and video materials in Russian and Chinese languages were published.

Polylog’s professionals work

The “Polylog” Consulting group was the general contractor for the organization of presentation of the Komi Republic in Beijing and performed a full range of services for the preparation and carrying out of the event:

  • meeting and escorting the delegation of the Republic of Komi throughout the trip, including translators
  • translation of all materials (articles, presentations, films, exhibits, etc) provided by the Republic of Komi into Chinese language
  • design of the corporate identity of the event, design, production and printing of presentation materials
  • production and formation of participants’ business kits
  • organization handling operations
  • construction of the Komi Republic exhibition at the Embassy and in the Russian Cultural Center in Beijing, including a large banner design, plasma displays, craft exhibitions, a photo exhibition, etc.
  • the full technical support of the Presentation on all platforms, including presentation and audio equipment, technicians
  • providing simultaneous translation of the major events of the Presentation into Chinese
  • organization of catering services for all events, including an evening reception for guests, coffee breaks, lunch for the delegation
  • information for presentations and working with the media, the organization of exclusive interviews during the event and a press conference at the RIA Novosti site
  • full range of services on working with stakeholders, including the invitational campaign, registration, telephone calls and accreditation of the profile audience. Selection of representatives of specific companies in certain industries that delegates were interested in.
  • overall management of work processes with sub-contractors and the work of the advance team at all stages of the presentation.

At the end of the presentation, the Chinese businessmen were planning a trip to the Komi Republic for more detailed information on infrastructure and investment projects of the republic.