Polylog PR has successfully held one more event providing communications support for the Sakhalin region. Polylog PR’s project team developed the concept of the event and then brought it to life. The basic challenge was to create a positive image of the Sakhalin region through the presentation of key projects in the region and current legislative initiatives.

On November, 12-16 a commemorative event dedicated to the 65th anniversary of the Sakhalin region, one of the youngest and most dynamic regions of Russia, was held at the State Duma of the Russian Federation. Regional leaders, officials and the State Duma deputies attended the event. The Sakhalin Region Days were opened by the governor’s report and an exhibition-presentation which were followed by the discussions in thematic sections.

Polylog PR designed and created an exposition of the exhibition which was arranged in the format of the Sakhalin region interactive map. The innovative format helped to provide a detailed visualization of major regional projects in the key economic sectors including oil and gas, energy, fisheries, coal and timber.

A film about the history and priority areas in the development of the Sakhalin region, a video presentation containing the main regional macroeconomic indicators and visual support during the delegation members’ presentations in the relevant committees of the State Duma were provided for the event.

The members of the relevant committees analyzed a number of important regional issues. They paid much attention to economic policy, transport and logistics issues, development of sports infrastructure and fisheries industry.

Following the results of the extended meeting of the Transport Committee, it was decided to support the Sakhalin region authorities’ request by financial stimulation of the bridge construction from the mainland to the island of Sakhalin. The launch of the project was rescheduled from 2015 to 2013.

An agreement on cooperation between the Sakhalin Regional Duma and the Committee on Natural Resources, Environment and Ecology was signed. It aims to smooth the relations between the State Duma and deputies of the regional legislative assembly.

The Committee on Sports, Physical Education and Youth Policy endorsed the idea of adding a Sakhalin-based center for the training Russia's winter sports team for the 2018 Olympics to the Federal Target Program.

Polylog PR would like to thank its regular partners who took part in the preparation of the event: DesignDepo, Mercator, AST Telecom and SOUYZ-Expo.