A unique store of ready-made healthcare solutions under the name “Motion Laboratory” was opened on April 12, 2012 in Moscow. Polylog Consulting Group ensured the participation of leading media, representatives of public health system and sports and young athletes.

“Motion Laboratory” is the result of fruitful cooperation between the German and Russian companies, namely Bauerfeind and Nikamed.

In fact, this is a new type of orthopedic shop which helps to provide individual selection of ready-made solutions for the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of injuries and other disorders of the musculoskeletal system. The system of “Motion Laboratory” refers to free testing with the help of Bauerfeind’s measurement technology. The results are taken into account and the right medical aid is chosen in line with individual characteristics of each patient.

Sergey Shaitov, CEO of Nikamed, summarizing the work of the participants in the project, said: “Creating “Motion Laboratory”, on the one hand, we have focused on the experience of the world's best projects in this industry, on our business experience in developing and managing retail orthopedic network, as well as the demand of modern medicine for contemporary high-quality, guaranteed effective and safe solutions for health. On the other hand, we have been driven by the level of demand among customers here in Russia, who were keen to have access to orthopedic care that meets international quality standards.”

Thomas Bauerfeind, Bauerfeind Company’s representative, welcoming the guests at the grand opening of the first “Motion Laboratory”, said: “I am delighted that a new center based on Bauerfeind technologies is going to operate in Russia. Today “Motion Laboratory” is the largest one in Eastern Europe. And according to our estimates, Lab specialists are fully prepared to maintain high quality standards of service and client assistance. It is important because only under these conditions doctors can be confident in the accuracy and quality to perform satisfactory.

The athletes demonstrated Bauerfeind Company’s orthoses as part of this event:

  • Dmitry Bikrev, International Master of Sports in hand-to-hand fighting, Champion of Europe in Universal Fighting (2011), Champion of Russia in hand-to-hand fighting (2011)
  • Daniel Vasiliev, Champion of Russia in decathlon.
  • Vadim Stepanov, Master of Sports in athletics