The event was held on September 20, 2012. It was based on the motives of the book “Alice in Wonderland” and only top 10 masters of Alessandro Group’s chain could compete with each other in the final contest. Polylog PR acted as an organizational partner of the event and it provided media support of the show.

Queens, Alice, Butterfly and Jack walked on the catwalk eliciting applause from the audience and the judging panel. The winners were selected by the judging panel based on the completeness of the image. Hair, makeup and clothes had to be in harmony and create a memorable image.

Mikhail Arseniev, representing the Butterfly image, became the winner in “Pret-a-porter” category. He says: “While creating this image I focused on the color and texture of hair. Fluffy threads and imitation of grass, as an element of nature, emphasize an immediate transformation.”

Jana Kalinina, representing the Black Queen image, was the winner in “Creative image” category. She says: “Specially designed lightweight frame is the basis for the crown of the Queen. It is like the upper part of the traditional chess piece. Clear and sophisticated hairstyle lines including smoothness and graphics are extremely important in implementing your plans.

Nadezhda Leusova, representing the “Iratsebeta — Creamy Queen” image won the prize in “Haute Couture” category. Extravagant makeup stresses the expression of a theatrical image, and the texture of hair, imitating a cotton candy, brings us back to the magnificent and splendid rococo style.

Natalia Rodkina got a special prize from the Hair's How magazine for her “Jack of Hearts” image. It was a 1-year edition subscription. She says: “From the professional point of view, the main difficulty in creating an image was the fact that I did not want to use any supporting elements or fixing accessories, pins, hair clips. When it comes to make-up, a greater emphasis was placed on one eye simulating a bandage and sharply delineated cheekbones in order to add some masculine features to a model”.

The Audience Award was granted to Irma Gagloyeva for her Goddess image.

Mr. Molodkin, President of the Jury and Art Director of AGCT pointed out: “Our team has been waiting for this event for a long time. Each participant has worked their way up from the concept development, polishing, improvement and detailed elaboration to the creation of a complete unique image that meets the highest hairdressing standards.”

Mrs. Chudnovskaya, Alessandro Group’s CEO said: “The contest provides an opportunity to show your creative talent and express yourself, get unique knowledge and experience. It promotes creative development and professional growth. And, most importantly, it helps to build the team spirit inside each salon and the chain as well”.

The winners got trophies and prizes from the organizers.

  • Egor Molodkin, chairman of the jury, official creative partner at L'Oreal Professionnel (Russia), official project expert at L'Oreal Professionnel (Russia), a member of the creative team “Golden League”, Russian division of the global organization Intercoiffure Mondial, art director of the chain and creative team at Alessandro Group / AGCT
  • Sergey Romanov,photographer, a member of the Guild of Advertising Photographers;
  • Anastasia Panasenko-Brykanova, makeup artist and coach of well— known European brand Make up Store, a member of the creative team “Golden League”, Russian division of the global organization Intercoiffure Mondial
  • Leila Svezhentseva, official creative partner at L'Oreal Professionnel (Russia), vice-president of the Russian creative team Haute Coiffure Française / HCF;
  • Elena Negreskul, deputy chief editor of Hair's How magazine;
  • Alexey Nikiforov, director of the region “Moscow — Golden Ring” at L'Oreal Professionnel.