In June-August 2011 “Polylog” CG carried out research on “Analysis of foreign experience in organizing and conducting “tourism and recreation expert assessment” in the implementation of town-planning activities in order to improve state regulation of tourist activities in the Russian Federation”. The Federal Tourism Agency acted as the ordering party. The recommendations for the development of legal framework for tourism and recreation expert assessment in Russia were developed on the basis of foreign experience.

“Tourism and recreation expert assessment” is a new form of state regulation of the tourism industry not only in Russia, but also abroad. In order to identify the content and peculiarities of this procedure, the company analyzed urban development and regulation of building activities, environmental monitoring and environment impact assessment, management policy of tourism development, implementation of tourist and recreational clusters. Besides, we studied the best practices of Canada, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, the European Union, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Japan and other countries. The experience of Sri Lanka is of greatest interest where any expert assessment related to tourism is coordinated by the Department of Tourism Development -the national government authority.

Taking into account this international experience, a plan for the implementation of tourism and recreation expert assessment in Russia was proposed. Moreover, some amendments to existing federal, regional and municipal legislation were developed for the purpose of implementing legal framework for tourism and recreation expert assessment and improving state regulation of tourist activities. The application of this legal and organizational method will improve the quality and safety of new facilities in the tourism industry and ensure effective development of tourist resources.