Polylog Consulting group provided organizational and press support during the business conference “Strategic Partnership of ROLF Import and Mitsubishi: the First Year of Joint Work and Next Tactical Plans”.

The conference was held on January 31, 2011 and gathered more than 40 representatives of the leading business and car media operators. This press-conference was the first one since the joint venture of ROLF Group of Companies and Mitsubishi Corporation has been created; it covered the results of ROLF Import’s work in 2010.

Andrey Pankov, CEO of ROLF Import, was the speaker of the conference; he mentioned that the year of 2010 was the turning point for the company in terms of crisis recovery and restoration of stable growth. Mitsubishi Motors’ sales volume by the end of 2010 amounted to 45, 538 cars. The company reached the third place in SUV sales volume at the Russian market with 29, 294 cars realized. It returned to profitability.

The SUV line was completely renewed: customers were offered a restyled crossover Outlander XL with a new 2.0 engine; legendary Pajero with a 3.0 engine; medium-sized SUV Pajero Sport with a new High Power 2.5 diesel engine; and an absolutely new crossover Mitsubishi ASX, last in the newly-formed Mitsubishi SUV line.

The company continued the successful development of financial products by Mitsubishi Motors Finance, realized together with the leading Russian and foreign banks.

In 2011, ROLF Import LLC plans to realize 75, 000 Mitsubishi cars at the Russian market, 80% of which would be SUVs and pickups. The development of SUV branch of Mitsubishi Motors will be the main priority for the company in the near future.

In the next few years Mitsubishi Motors plans to hold certification tests for i-MiEV model, the first electric production vehicle, which would be then introduced to Russian customers. This model is a product of strategic importance for Mitsubishi Motors, emphasizing its innovative and hi-tech approach, as well as its environmental responsibility. Mitsubishi i-MiEV is equipped with a 63 hp electric motor. A fully-charged Li-ion battery will last for 160 km.

“In 2010 we witnessed the active reinstallation of Mitsubishi Motors at the Russian car market that formed a basis for further development. In 2011 we plan to strengthen our positions and increase the market share to 5%”, said Andrey Pankov, CEO of ROLF Import.