The publishing house “Mann, Ivanov and Ferber” has put out a new interesting book “Manager and organization” by a successful corporate management consultant and “Polylog’s” old friend Artashes Gazaryan.

Manager and organization

The book is devoted to management in general and change management in organizations in particular. Artashes Gazaryan denies the existence of management theory. But he applies the principles of synergetics and regularities in the behavior of living organisms to organizations.

The author's view on the key aspects of organizations and their management is based on the recognition of dynamism and poor predictability of the conditions of their activity, the importance of self-organization processes for flexibility and adaptability in the constantly changing environment. The contents of the book is a kind of summary of presentations and comments during the training courses in management, or the so-called training interventions, which have been delivered by Gazaryan for many years. Nothing in this book is intended to be memorized, everything is just for understanding.  Everyone can “try on” these ideas for themselves.

We warmly congratulate Artashes Gazaryan on the launch of his new book and wish him further success in the future. We highly recommend all our friends to read the book “Manager and Organization”.  It is definitely worth reading. It proves the fact that the book on management can also be helpful, absorbing and exciting at the same time.