“Polylog” CG has completed the development of risk management methodology in tourist destinations for the Federal Tourism Agency of the Russian Federation. There is an increasing number of accidents that involve Russian tourists and happen in the territory of the Russian Federation within recent years. Thus, the time is ripe for the development of such methodology. The main goal was to develop methodological recommendations for risk management in tourism at the federal and regional levels, which would improve safety and security in tourism in Russia.

Risk management best practices of such countries as Canada, the USA, Australia, the European Union, South Africa and others were taken into account while working on methodology. A special questionnaire was developed and an online survey of core departments of the Russian regions was conducted in order to analyze the security situation of domestic tourism in Russia. Different experts including power officials, scientific community, tourist associations and unions were involved in the process. A detailed typology of risks in tourism was developed and major security problems of tourism in Russia were defined. The recommendations for federal and regional authorities were given.

Along with those risk management recommendations, the methodology includes some advice on safety assessment of tourism in Russia. It will help to monitor the effectiveness of core departments and applicability of the methodology.

Risk management methodology is a practical tool which allows each region to develop a strategy of tourism security and risk management in tourist destinations, according to their own needs and resources.