On April 14 Russia Sakhalin Government Investment Conference took place in Seoul, Republic of Korea. Polylog Consulting Group took care of all organizational arrangements of the conference including PR support.

Russia Sakhalin Government Investment Conference ran in the time of 20th anniversary of Korea and Russian diplomatic ties. The region’s Governor Alexander Khoroshavin set the goal to expand the partnership between the two countries.

At the investment conference more than 15 major projects to the total amount of US$ 4.8 billion were presented. Sakhalin west coast island energy complex construction project (including Solntsevsky coalfield development, Sakhalinskaya State District Power Plant-2 construction, and new railroad and harbor infrastructure construction), Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Dalnee village integrated construction project, and scale of 1.05 million tones cement factory construction in Smirnykhovskiy district among the others were introduced to over 500 participants including those from the largest Korean corporations. Companies that that took part in the conference got an opportunity to discuss their involvement with the ongoing Sakhalin-1 and Sakhalin-2 oil and gas projects and with the search operations on the fields number 3 (Sakhalin-3) and 5 (Sakhalin-5) at the Sakhalin coast region.

Russia Sakhalin Government Investment Conference began at 11 a.m. with a press conference of Alexander Khoroshavin and 50 Korean and Russian Journalists. The plenary session opened at 13:00 with the welcome speech of O Yang-Ho, Vice-President of Korean International Trade Association (KITA) followed by a keynote speech by Alexander Khoroshavin on the topic of Sakhalin’s potential and economic cooperation plan between Korea and Sakhalin. Subsequently four industrial sessions on Energy/Mineral Resources, Construction, Small and Medium Business and Cultural Exchange were all held at the same time. The event continued with a banquet at 6:30 p.m. which was held by the Sakhalin government and one-on-one meetings for corporations who wished to have a comprehensive investment business talk the next day on April 15.

Political prominent figures such as Sergey Donskoy, Deputy Minister of Natural Recourses and Ecology of the Russian Federation and Konstantin Vnukov, Russian Ambassador in Korea were present as well as 100 Russian business leaders.

During his stay in Seoul Aleksandr Khoroshavin met Kim Yan Khak, Deputy Minister of Innovative Economy of Korea, Shin Kak-Soo, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Korea and Chung Un-Chan, Prime Minister of Korea.

Russia Sakhalin Government Investment Conference was covered in 58 news reports of Korean media including four reports from TV broadcasting companies and in 40 news reports in Russian media including two reports from Vesti and Russia Today TV channels.