Polylog Consulting Company has successfully completed the project on preparing and conducting the International Conference “The Modern State and Global Security”. The Conference took place on September 14, 2009 in Yaroslavl, Russia. Polylog acted as the Conference Executive office and was responsible for the whole complex of organizational arrangements including the PR support.

Over 550 representatives of 18 countries gathered in Yaroslavl. Journalists from 165 media from different countries of the world covered the news from the event. Over 2300 news stories following the Conference results came out in all types of the media.

President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev, Prime Minister of Spain Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, Prime Minister of France Francois Fillon took part in the Conference.

The Russian side was represented by: heads of federal government bodies - S. Naryshkin, V. Surkov, S. Mironov, B. Gryzlov, V. Zorkin, S. Sobyanin, S. Lavrov, V. Basargin, G. Poltavchenko, N. Bordyuzha; leaders of political parties and movements – V. Volodin, V. Zhirinovsky, G. Zyuganov, G. Semigin, S. Mitrokhin, B. Titov , G. Bovt , L. Gozman; heads of Russian regions – G. Boos, O. Kozhemyako, Y. Neelov, A. Tuleev; President of Chuvashia N. Fedorov, President of Ingushetia Y. Yevkurov; heads of municipalities, representatives of business circles and heads of educational institutions– N. Korpachev, B. Sadovnichy, A. Torkunov; heads of research institutes - R. Grinberg, A. Dynkin, A. Lisitsyn-Svetlanov, S. Rogov, V. Tishkov, T. Khabrieva; representatives of analytical centers – D. Badovsky, V. Nikonov, D. Orlov, A. Oslon, V. Fedorov; heads of the leading media – D. Birukov, V. Borodin, O. Dobrpdeev, M. Kommisar, V. Mamontov, S. Mironuk, K. Remchukov, V. Tretiakov, V. Fronin and others.

The Conference organizers were the Institute for Public Projects, the Institute of Contemporary Development and Yaroslavl Demidov State University.

The Organizers invited world renowned intellectuals in the sphere of political science, economics, sociology including the Founder and President of French Institute of International Relations Thierry de Montbrial, sociologist and futurist Alvin Toffler, Secretary-General of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (1999-2003) George Islay MacNeill Robertson, politologist, Marburg University professor Dirk Berg-Schlosser, sociologist, Senior Research Scholar at Yale University Immanuel Wallerstein, President of the Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs Jayantha Dhanapala, politologist, Editor of Newsweek International Fareed Zakaria, Professor of Sociology at New York University Craig Calhoun, politologist, Chairman of Naisbitt China Institute John Naisbitt, Professor of Sociology at Trento University Gianfranco Poggi, Prime Minister of Italy (2006-2008) Romano Prodi, Senior Research Fellow and Director of Global Governance Initiative at New America Foundation Parag Khanna, member of the State Council of the People's Republic of China (2002-2007) and Minister of Foreign Affairs (1998-2003) Tang Jiaxuan, Yale University Professors Ian Shapiro and Amy Lynn Chua and others.

29 Russian and international media including TV channels Vesti, Russia Today, news agencies RIA Novosti, Interfax, Reuters, radio stations Russian News Service, Mayak, Voice of Russia, Radio of Russia, newspapers and magazines Rossiyskaya Gazeta, Arguments and Facts, Trud, Izvestia, Itogi, Expert, Profile, online media Vzgliad.ru, Russia.ru, Lenta.ru, Dni.ru, Chastny Correspondent, Pravda.ru, Kreml.org, Russky Zhurnal, PolitOnline, Russian Observer, Yoki.ru and communication portal Rambler.ru partnered the Conference.

From July 14 to September 10 while working on the project Polylog conducted six press-conferences with the Sessions moderators and participants. The Conference’s website was launched on July 1, 2009.

Sport complex Arena 2000 became the Conference Venue. Polylog successfully completed the task of designing and constructing Plenary Hall, Sections Halls, Press Center, negotiation rooms and rest areas. Creative Bureau Design Depot partnered Polylog while elaborating and implementing the visual concept of the Venue décor.

TV Cannel Vest broadcasted the Conference Plenary Session and Theme Sections Sessions from 10 am to 6 pm September 14, 2009.

The Press Center of the International Conference had 300 workplaces. The Forum Plenary Sessions and Theme Sections Sessions were broadcasted live on stationary screens located in the Press Center and translated into working languages of the Conference (six for the Plenary Session and two for the Sections Sessions).

The Conference events lasted for three days starting from September 13 to September 15. Participants and media representatives highly estimated the Conference results. While still on a preparation stage the Conference was named Yaroslavl Davos. Later experts agreed that the Conference outran in some ways Davos political session.