14th of may, the day before the international Family Day, "Polylog" Consulting Group organized the presentation of project of both brands "Beeline" and "Pampers", named "Mobile mom". The key feature of the new project is a new Beeline charge rate "Mobile Mom". It is developed especially for young mothers who has little children under 2 years. Advantages of that new charge rate is a very low cost of calls and sms to 5 favorite numbers — 1,25 rubles, and low cost of WAP connection — 1,95 rubles. What is more, user will be able to make calls when they have overdrafted the account (-10 rubles is the maximum overdraft).

MTV Russia VJTutta Larssen

And especially for the needs of young mothers Beeline and Pampers start a special WAP-portal with an information and advices on children care, and other interactive and fun services. Actual news on such themes are available through sms subscribe lists.

Agency "Polylog" carried out the presentation of the project. Speakers of the event were:

  • Vladimir Ryabokon' — vice-president andregional director of Moscow region "Vympelcom" public corporation.
  • Gennadiy Jilinskiy — marketing director of Procter and Gamble East Europe.
  • Sharkov Sergey Mihailovich — pediatrist, M.D., deputy director of Science center of children's health of science research institute of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, corresponding member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.

To make the presentation even more interesting, agency have invited famous TV presenter and mother Tutta Larssen. She told the audience about all the problems she have faced during the pregnancy and first month after giving birth, and how it was important to have on time all the information about child care.

Agency prepared original presents for all the guests — brand toy bears wearing pampers. And we've shot the presentation video about the wap.mobilemama.ru

There were 29 members of the press on the event.