The 1st of april is not quite an appropriate day for being serious, but the "VympelCom" company (brand "Beeline") in collaboration with "Polylog" agency presented new post-pay charge named "Nice Calculation" — in real earnest.

This new charge contain such feature as an extremely low price of outgoing calls to any of the operators — one minute costs 50 copecks. Target group of "Nice calculation' supposed to be young and ambitious managers of the new generation, so-called "yuppie".

Agency "Polylog" was contracted to create a concept of the presentation and do all the organization to carry it out. Agency suggested the non-standard solution: to invite an expert of a very rare specialty — a private finances consultant Vladimir Advenin. During the presentation, after a speech vice-president of "VympelCom" Vladimi Ryabokon' spoke, invited consultant had made an expert judgment of the new charge, and made a short lecture and then consulted some of the journalists on their private finances.

There were 26 newspapermen at the presentation.