It's made by us

The 2nd of April 2008 company "VympelCom" (brand "BeeLine") going with the agency "Polylog" organized the first session of an advisory panel within the bounds of the project "Mobile literacy". "Mobile literacy" is the first social initiative of this operator aimed to fight mobile communications fraud.

Among the goals of the agency were the following: elaboration of the event, preparing the site for the event, inviting the speakers and experts for working at the panel and mass media for coverage, making the handout and some other jobs.

Session took place in the conference-center "Polyanka-hall". Advisory panel consisted of 14 experts, including the representatives of "K" department of MIA RF, lawyers, psy-criminalist, leaders of information services of mass media. Session was moderated by RBC-TV presenter Igor Vittel' (program "In focus"). Agency had exceeded the mass media presence plan: there were 66 journalists, including camera crews from 6 TV channels.

Advisory panel session resulted in a Code of recommendations for citizens, mobile communications operators, law machinery and mass media: how to avoid becoming a victim of fraud and what can all the organizations mentioned above do against the fraud. This document is to became the starting point for the Advisory panel work, and it will be widespread through all the channels available.