Below the line. An advertising technique to impact buyers that differs from direct advertising (ATL — above the line) and includes methods such as promotions to stimulate sales, merchandising, retail audit, events marketing and PR activities.
Marketing communications
  1. Targeted interaction with customers and partners using media tools, including direct mailings, print media, TV and radio, billboard advertising and the Internet. A marketing communications campaign can use a single media source, but more often combines several approaches.
  2. Includes everything that supports brand promotion through marketing: advertising, PR, Internet, point-of-sale, print products, direct mailings, logo design, packaging, etc.
Public relations (PR)
  1. Planned and sustained efforts to establish and maintain goodwill and strong relations between an organization and its target audience.
  2. Promotion and protection of a company's image.
Sales promotion
A range of techniques used to attract consumers of goods and services, including discounts, coupons, warranties, gifts, contests, vouchers, demonstrations, prizes, bonuses and others; can be directed towards individual buyers (consumer promotion) or retail channels (trade promotion).