The Research & Development Department of the consulting group “Polylog” is in charge of providing consulting services for state and municipal authorities. Its core competencies are research, development of information systems and promotion of territory development.


Scientific labor organization has transformed from management theory into day-to-day practice of commercial and public organizations. High social risks and increased quality requirements for decision-making process have led to the widespread implementation of scientific knowledge in public administration. Scientific research is regularly conducted to assess the current results of the public policy and to choose new areas for development. CG “Polylog” has successful experience in research and development for the benefit of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of the Russian Federation, the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation, Rostourism and many regional administrations. As part of the research our experts are ready to carry out.

  • An analysis of foreign practices.

    Implementation and exchange of best practices are widely used in public administration around the world. CG Polylog’s consultants are ready to assist in compilation of essential information for management development and implementation of the best solutions that have proven their effectiveness in many countries around the world.
  • Expert interviews.

    The scale and wide profile of activities of public authorities requires a proactive application of expert knowledge. For many years CG “Polylog’s” consultants have been collecting a unique database of contacts including experts and analysts in various fields of knowledge. To obtain reliable competent assessment and data, CG “Polylog’s” consultants are ready to involve the best Russian and foreign experts. The use of modern work techniques with expert opinions (morphological model analysis, scenario methods, foresights, forward-looking graphs, etc.) guarantees the quality and integrity of the proposed generalization and conclusions.
  • Legal analysis.

    The key feature of the public and municipal government authorities is a strict regulation of their activities in a lawful manner that predetermines an obligatory analysis of the regulatory and legal framework while making important management decisions. CG “Polylog’s” specialists possess essential qualifications and experience in modern Russian and foreign legislation analysis that help them implement recommendations for making amendments in current laws and regulations at different levels.
  • Economic analysis.

    The research and data classification of economic reality makes it possible to reveal new patterns and development trends of socio-economic processes. The regulation of economic relations is one of the priorities of government authorities who can identify problem areas and future growth points with the help of economic analysis. CG “Polylog’s” consultants are ready to analyze the economic profile of the territory or individual industries at both macro and micro levels and help to boost governance indicators.

Territory development

Dmitry Medvedev and Sakhalin governor Alexander Khoroshavin
Our high-level programs

CG “Polylog” provides comprehensive services for the territory development at different levels including district, regional, provincial and municipal areas. The company’s key areas are as follows:

  • Strategy development.

    CG “Polylog” develops all kinds of instruments in the field of strategic planning for the regions, cities or particular industries. A distinctive feature of strategies, concepts, plans and programs developed by the company’s experts is a practice-oriented approach and initial penetration into existing power structures. It is achieved through the active use of strategic sessions and expert interviews where key decision makers and opinion leaders participate. CG “Polylog’s” specialists understand that the documents must be aimed at the territory development. They mustn’t serve as statistics digests or manuals of current problems.
  • Branding.

    Today due to the growing mobility of the population and open borders not only the companies but also the territories try to win resources, investments and customers. The image management problem is becoming especially difficult when it comes to the scale growth. Branding as a complex communication process involves perception management of thousands of people that brings about high reputational risks and the cost of possible errors for a controllable object. That is why one should trust only the specialists when it comes to the brand territory development. CG “Polylog” cooperates with many regional administrations in the field of promotion and image development for many years. The consultants of the company offer a wide range of audit services of the current image, brand territory development, strategy development for its promotion and implementation of the official style.
  • Development institutes.

    One of the effective tools for territory development is the foundation of special institutions such as corporations, agencies, technology parks, business incubators, etc. CG “Polylog” provides services for setting-up and guidance of such organizations. Our specialists are ready to help at any stage from concept development to institute launch and to provide intelligent, human and organizational resources.
  • Investment generation.

    CG “Polylog” provides services for the organization of special events to raise foreign investments into the regional economy. Exhibitions, presentations, road show and conferences in Russia and abroad including the participation of chief executives of the state will help to organize business ties and draw investments into large-scale regional projects.


Information technology

CG “Polylog’s” specialists have extensive experience in developing ICT solutions for government authorities from the concept development of departmental information to a complex conversion of public services into electronic form. The specialists of the company are responsible not only for software development, but they also ensure the implementation of information systems into day-to-day business processes of the organization, carrying out technical support and staff training. CG “Polylog” provides services in the field of information technology:

  • Development of decision support systems (Decision Support Systems).

    Government authorities often face shortage of qualified personnel and time resources. There is a high degree of information uncertainty. However, they are sometimes forced to make important decisions under such circumstances.Decision Support Systems integrate essential information and offer scenario and possible management activities. Modern tools of data visualization significantly save the time in situation assessment and help specify possible risks of certain events. Techniques developed by “Polylog’s” experts take into account peculiar features of each government authority by offering innovative solutions and approaches in those cases when it seems impossible to formalize or automate the management processes.
  • Electronic database development (Data Warehouse Systems).

    Work of almost all government authorities is accompanied by database maintenance and database storage even in electronic form. “Polylog’s” experts have developed database which helps simplify the maintenance of registers, indexes and lists, ensuring information preservation, its efficient retrieval, protection of personal data and other confidential information.
  • Follow-up system development (Transaction Processing Systems).

    An integral part of any public or municipal authority operation is interaction with citizens and businesses by providing public services as well as responding to their information requests and inquiries. CG “Polylog” has experience in developing ICT solutions which help to work with citizens in the form of separate departmental systems or portals integrated into the official modules.
  • Conversion of public (municipal) services into electronic form.

    CG “Polylog” offers assistance in the organization of conversion of public (municipal) services (function) into electronic form as a separate package of services. Relying on its own methodology, CG “Polylog” carries out projects aimed at development and implementation of information systems ensuring the provision of public (municipal) services in electronic form. This methodology is based on the best international practices and opportunities for the infrastructure of “e-government” in Russia. The list of works of the company includes:
    • an integrated survey of business processes of a public or municipal organisation;
    • optimization of business processes by converting public (municipal) services into electronic form;
    • interaction with representatives of different public (municipal) institutions that are involved in the provision of public (municipal) services;
    • development and coordination of administrative regulations, instructions and other documentation;
    • development and implementation of information system;
    • assurance of compatibility of the developed system with the infrastructure of “e-government”;
    • teaching the staff of the organization to work in the developed system;
    • system support including implementation of new functional requirements.

Development of state information systems is carried out in accordance with the requirements of legislation in the field of information technologies and organization of public services.