Integrated PR support

Polylog specializes in integrated PR support for companies and brands. Most of our clients are regular customers who work with the company on a subscription basis. Our list of subscribers includes Philips Consumer Lifestyle in Russia, Philips Lighting in Russia, Uralsib, Logitech, Bank Société Générale Vostok, Schwartzkopf & Henkel, Ingosstrakh Insurance, the Ledovo Group, and others.

Our PR support of a company begins with a comprehensive diagnosis, on the basis of which an optimal package of PR services is designed. The services package for each company and brand is unique and includes PR activities targeted precisely on helping achieve the company's business goals. Usually, this package includes regular communication with the company's targeted groups:

Work with the media

Polylog works as a press office for client companies, initiating publications, creating a pool of friendly journalists, preparing commentary and information messages, and organizing media events, including press conferences, press luncheons, briefings, and entertainment events for journalists. For some companies the proper organization of product testing in the media has particular importance — for example, testing equipment and electronics for hi-tech companies in specialized hi-tech magazines, or testing fuel and petroleum products for oil companies in the automotive press.

In-house PR

Polylog works with specific departments of client companies, developing and implementing programs designed to achieve high motivation and loyalty among company staff. These efforts include information campaigns (involving corporate media and the client company's information system as a whole), corporate holidays, team-building activities, corporate research, professional competitions and other activities that enhance the client's corporate culture.

PR targeted on clients and partners

Polylog develops and organizes activities designed to build customer and partner loyalty. This includes working with key clients of the company, its dealers and distributors, vendors, and enhancing communication between the Russian divisions of multinationals and their head offices. To implement programs targeted on partners and clients, we use tools such as special newsletters, partner conferences, entertainment events for target groups, contests, motivational programs, and others.

Investor Relations

The need to build relationships with investors is not limited to companies whose shares trade on stock exchanges or companies with upcoming IPOs, but also includes those issuing bonds for the first time. In each case, depending on the situation and the company's goals, Polylog offers clients long-term programs, or, less often, recommends limiting activities with investors to occasional events. Typically, we develop an information package for potential investors and the media, provide services support for shareholders' meetings, prepare and present annual reports, organize road shows or individual meetings with investors, create newsletters for the investor pool, organize press conferences for business, financial and investment interests, and provide PR support in the media.

Internet PR

The importance and quality of how a company or brand are presented on the Internet increases every year, and basic website maintenance is no longer sufficient for proper communication with the audience. Polylog helps its clients work with target groups in Internet forums, creates and moderates corporate blogs, organizes and supports corporate and special promotional sites, creates and supports information portals, etc.