Polylog Consulting Group has the experience to handle any project in the communications field. Our clients say however, that we provide certain communications services much better than the competition, including:

  1. Integrated public relations campaigns for companies and brands on a subscription basis
  2. Government authority consulting
  3. Government relations (GR) and political consulting for big business with political interests
  4. Designing and publishing corporate newspapers and magazines
  5. Event marketing

Polylog works individually with each client, and all the group's solutions are custom designed. However, every solution is based on our fundamental approach, which consists of seven consecutive stages:

  • Determining the client's needs and communication goals
  • Determining the target audiences and studying their main information needs
  • Designing information campaigns and developing the necessary tools and events
  • Developing a system for gathering and agreeing information at client companies and procedures for communicating with target groups
  • Implementing information campaigns and holding events
  • Studying changes, feedback
  • Implementing appropriate adjustments