Uralsib Financial Corporation — comprehensive study


Conduct a comprehensive study of communication and political resources in 22 regions of Russia.


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During the study a monitoring and analysis methodology, entirely new and unique on the market, was designed specifically for Uralsib. The methodology makes it possible to identify the hot topics and specific agendas of the various regions, the most popular areas and forms of interaction, Uralsib's competitors, and potential support resources.


On the basis of the study, an integrated strategy for increasing Uralsib's political capital was developed along with a methodology and tools for monitoring regions, enabling the corporation to track changes and adjust its operations at the design and execution stages. One key result of the study was an interactive database for use in the corporation's day-to-day operations, helping it to modify strategy and tactics and create informational and analytical materials. As a result of the study, a unique technology for interaction between Uralsib and targeted interest groups was developed along with an activities plan and criteria for evaluating and improving the effectiveness of the company's work in PR, GR, IR and HR.