Sangtuda Hydroelectric Power Station 1 (Tajikistan) — PR support


In 2005, UES launched the construction of Sangtuda Hydroelectric Power Station 1 in the Republic of Tajikistan and registered a company of the same, Sangtuda HEPS 1, to operate the facility (75% Russian ownership, 25% Republic of Tajikistan interest)

With the power station planned for construction in 2005-2009, effective tools had to be developed for communication between the Russian and Tajikistani parties to ensure that the project remained on schedule and all parties met their obligations in full; Polylog's tasks included:


The lesson on energeticsPower industry session

Three types of activities were organized:

  1. Receptions for decision-makers;
  2. Events for the general public;
  3. Media events.

Two of the key events were:

Sangtuda HEPS 1 participates in the first Russian national exhibition in Tajikistan:

Gala ConcertGala Concert

Power Industry Day in Tajikistan, including: