Logitech — laser mouse presentation


In August 2006, Logitech launched two new wireless laser mouse models on the Russian market —Logitech MX Revolution and Logitech VX Revolution. Thanks to Microgear, the innovative scroll wheel, the new models were revolutionary for work with digital content, and the presentation was designed to make a strong positive impression on the target groups.



Polylog developed and organized a unique presentation for the Logitech Revolution devices in the heart of Moscow at the elite Version 1.0 club, the only place in the capital designed in the style of various time periods; the club also features a unique viewing room, with screening in panoramic mode — images projected on all four walls, surrounding the viewer.

Logitech was the first company to host a promotional event in a dynamic video format prepared specifically for Version 1.0's virtual viewing room. The presentation included a 20-minute video showing viewers how humanity evolved before and after the invention of the wheel, and what the wheel means to modern man, whose life is so closely linked to computers. A dynamic three-dimensional film was projected on all the viewing room's walls, with the image divided in parts on the center and side walls. Two main goals were achieved: show the film to all viewers and in a way that brings every detail to the fore, maximizing the visual field where the information is displayed.

During the day there were eight screenings of the film, with a total of more than 150 people attending, including well-known journalists and key partners of Logitech who sell the company's technology in Russia. The film was also shown in standard 4:3 format on screens throughout the club, including LCD panels mounted behind the bar.


The presentation was covered in over 100 positive media stories on Logitech's new laser mouse designs in glossy magazines, and technology and channel media. The format of the event also made a strong impression, with representatives of THG.ru, one of the leading Russian portals for specialized on-line journalism, noting: "This presentation of new Logitech Revolution mouse designs, supertechnological in concept, will be remembered as an example of how to promote innovative advancements for a highly familiar product — the computer mouse."