Lebedyansky — corporate media



The upgrading of Lebedyansky's corporate publications took place in five stages. In the first stage, Polylog gathered and analyzed data on what employees expect from the company's corporate publications. In the second stage, three concepts were developed based on this data: one for Corporation, one for Our Tone, and a uniform concept for the regional publications. In the third stage, new templates were designed for all the company's publications.

The fourth stage involved developing information matrices for each publication. Polylog discussed deficiencies it found in the way information was gathered, identified information vacuums in the company, and compiled a detailed list of key occasions for distributing information, including the recommended timing of each.

In the fifth and final phase of the project, reviews of Lebedyansky's corporate publications were prepared. Polylog spent six months evaluating the appropriateness of the company's editorial work in light of the standards for each publication, noting the strengths and weaknesses of each issue.


All of Lebedyansky's corporate publications conform to the standards developed by Polylog for the company. The overall quality of the publications' content and its presentation has improved, as has the satisfaction of their readers.