Vimpelcom — program for top managers


Increase the intensity and quality of interaction between Beeline's key managers and the media, and hone their skills for interacting with the general public.


During the workshopDuring the workshop

One of Polylog's educational programs is Strong Leader, which provides comprehensive training for executives and consists of three modules: (i) A Successful Leader is a Master Communicator (personal communication skills); (ii) Skills for Communicating with the Media (how to communicate effectively with journalists); and (iii) A Successful Leader's Image. Polylog implemented the program in 2005-2007, and several groups of key Beeline managers have participated.

Particularly noteworthy is the two-day module Skills for Communicating with the Media, which immerses participants in "battlefield" conditions. On the first day, participants worked with well-known journalists from radio and print media, with the second day devoted to reality TV — television celebrities and crews helped participants better understand how to behave on camera, pack the essence of their message into 20 seconds, and field even the most challenging questions.

Yevgeny KisilevYevgeny Kisilev

During the program and guided by Polylog, Beeline's Strong Leaders worked with TV celebrities including Petr Marchenko, Tina Kandelaki, Marianna Maksimovskaya, Leonid Parfenov and Sergei Dorenko; leading RBC-TV anchor persons such as Igor Vittel, Irina Komarova and Maria Stroyeva; radio celebrities Sergei Korzun, Lev Gulko, Natalia Pivnenko and Nikolai Peshkov; the creator of Vedomosti, Leonid Bershidsky; the editor in chief of Forbes Russia, Maxim Kashulinsky; the lead editor of Secrets of the Firm, Konstantin Bocharsky, and others.

Oxana FedorovaOxana Fedorova

At the end of each training stage there was an examination designed by Polylog. Participants in the 2005-2006 program assumed the role of guides at an abstract art gallery and prepared speeches for various target groups: shareholders, government officials, and regulators. For the 2006 program, the exam was a reality talk-show for TV, while participants in the 2007 program held a conference with well-known Russian politicians and show business personalities.


Participants in the Strong Leader program have consistently mentioned the valuable, practical nature of the knowledge and skills obtained during the training and their direct applicability to the challenges faced when conducting business.